Wearing His Word

I am with a group of people on Facebook who have committed to memorize the whole book of Colossians this year. We are memorizing 2 verses per week to accomplish this by the end of 2011. Ann Voskamp began the Facebook page and every now and then she responds to the comments there and speaks to her own experience in the memorization in her blog
Today she talked about how having Scripture in your mind and heart is like wearing a garment. It covers you, wraps around you, shapes who you are and presents you to the world. Wow! I’ve been murmuring the first three verses of Colossians 1 over and over to get them to stick to my brain. In the process, last evening as my husband approached me to kiss me good-night he said, “Thank you.” after he kissed me. I said, “For what?” He replied, “Well, you said grace and peace to you. I needed that.” I think he knew I was trying to go over my memory verses, but he took the Word to himself because he needed it. I was wearing it. He could see it. He was blessed by it.
I am a bit discouraged that I have come to the importance of Scripture memorization so late in life. I am 59. Oh, what could I be now had I begun at age 9 or 29 or even 49!? Ah, well, this is the Year of Now for me so I am not going to dwell on the past. I am too busy working on verse 4 now.

Grace and peace to you,


2 comments on “Wearing His Word

  1. I started memorizing Philippians before I read of Ann and Colossians – so I’m kind of with you – a little. And you’re right – the living of the verse in your head as you memorize it does kind of envelop you.

    And there’s a Grace and Peace in Philippians too 🙂 – And I think I may have said it to someone as well – funny – good funny.

    And I’m with you on this too – the only regret about coming to Our Lord – was doing so too late.

    And I prayed for your “now” today too.

    Thank you much for this – and to you and yours I really do pray blessings today.

  2. Craig,

    Thanks for connecting. You do so in such a precious way; tender, yet funny – humorous funny. I LOVE that combination.

    Interesting that you are memorizing Philippians. I have a sister in the Lord who has lived her adult life in Belize serving the Lord first with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and now running a hotel in Punta Gorda called Seafront Inn. I wanted her to be my accountability partner and join me memorizing Colossians. She said if it were Philippians she’d have taken me up on the challenge, but since it wasn’t, she wasn’t. Sooo a day or so later she joined me. I was having too much fun. Ha!

    I understand the draw Philippians has. My favorite verse is Philippians 3:10
    “That I may know Him and the power of His ressurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death,”

    Praying you’ll keep connecting,

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