A Way to Now

This year is the Year of Now for me. I want to live (really, live) in each moment. One of my previous blogs talked about how I lived so much of my life waiting for the next moment, that I really was not living at all. I wanted that to change in 2011. Ann Voskamp’s blog today put what I wanted to say so beautifully that I am copying it here. I really don’t think anyone will find her most important message here rather than at her site, but, just in case…

Simply, intentionally, acknowledging every moment in the moment is the way to life in the moment. When we don’t look, we don’t see. When we don’t see, we miss…LIFE! Somewhere in this plan is gratitude, but I am just beginning my journey in the now. Being grateful for each moment is not a part of me yet. I’m just getting used to the new level of awareness that necessitates limiting my speed. Life naturally quickens as we age, it seems, and I am intentionally trying to slow it down into manageable bytes to savor. I’m swimming upstream, but, ah, how refreshing the current when one is traveling in the opposite direction!




2 comments on “A Way to Now

    • Your prayers must be helping as I am still focused and seeing the details. I also note that there are all these wonderful helps along the way…like your prayers. It’s like running a 5k race and having people with water along your route.

      Did you ever see yourself as a water boy? Just kidding!

      You are a blessing.

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