Go with the Know

Chickadee in the winter woods

This morning as I was walking in the 5 degree gusty weather of the woods along the icy bike path with my dogs, we were all heartened by the chick-a-dee-dee-dee of the tiny birds in the bare hedges that line the path. Almost undetectable had they not made a chorus of tweets, they seemed, to me, miraculous. I was so very cold even with a down parka, ski mask, gloves, scarf and body armor! There they were–little birds with bare feet and tiny feathers. How could they sing, how could they fly?

Last evening as I worked with two small premature babies in the Level II nursery of the hospital, I thought the same thing. Here they were, two babes, born 6 and 8 weeks early, yet both of them were breathing on their own and breastfeeding from their mothers’ breasts. By strict science, they should have been doing neither. How were they breastfeeding, how were they breathing?

I looked at the chickadees like I looked at the babes and said in both situations, “You give me hope that things ARE happening in the tough areas of my life even if they are outside my sphere of understanding.” Colossians 1:5 says I can have faith and love because of the hope that is stored up for me in heaven. Yes, because my hope is in the Lord, there is more to life than just what I see and know, I, therefore, believe. Everyday life confirms to me that I know so very little, but I have a God Who knows everything and is with me as I go. I guess you could say, I go with the Know.



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