The Practice of Marriage

Ann asked those of us in the Walk With Him Wednesdays community to talk about the practice of marriage today. She opened her blog with advice her grandmother gave her on picking a young man. I, too, was given some advice by my grandmother. She told me to look at a young man’s father for that would be a lot of what that young man would become. She was speaking of not only his physique, but also his way with his family and how he handled stress. I didn’t think too much of it then, but now that I have been in a marriage 40 years I know this advice was worth its weight in gold.

My husband is a replica of his father. I can see that now, but I didn’t pay too much attention to his father when we were dating. I was too focused on the son! Fortunately for me, my husband’s father was a kind man who cherished his wife and cared deeply for his son. My husband watched his father’s caring ways and mastered each lesson in loving.

My dear husband admiring the quilting skill of his daughter-in-law.

My husband practices what was lived out in front of him every day of his young life, and I am so thankful for that. Because of his father, my husband has always supported me in front of the children. We may disagree with one another in private, but we are a united front in the midst of the battle. I now see my 38-year-old son and 35-year-old son, both fathers of sons themselves, doing the same. The family unit, cemented by a good marriage, will bring glory to God for generations, and the head, I believe, is the husband. May he be a good one–mine is.

All Children and Grandchildren Celebrate My Husband's 60th Birthday, August 2010

Praising God for His infinite wisdom,


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