Helping Shelly See

Shelly and Me

Shelly and I have been together for 11 years. She came to me when I needed a friend and has been all that and more to me. Tuesday, January 25 she had eye surgery for an ulcerated cornea. It was a fairly brutal surgery and I know painful because in the 11 years I’ve had her she has never cried. Since the surgery, she lays around all the time and moans when she is awake. Yesterday I noticed her other eye was draining and got the diagnosis that her other eye has an ulcerated cornea, too. I am so reminded of my earlier post about renewal, a period of time when you work real hard and do everything you can for the hope of a reward. The reward is not guaranteed, but you want it so badly that you are driven to make it happen. That is how it is for me with Shelly. I want her to see so badly that I am investing all I have, finances, time, energy, whatever is needed.

Shelly's medications

The most difficult part for me is that she does not understand what I am doing. I have to drop medicine into her eye 4 times a day and ointments another couple of times. She probably thinks I’m making her blind. Every time I come near she hurts. I give her a pain pill in hamburg, but she doesn’t know it is for her pain and I can’t tell if it actually does help. She seems so very miserable.

She is lying beside me right now as I type. She seems to be resting comfortably. Her little body jerks under the influence of blessed sleep. I whisper to God, “Please heal her while she sleeps.”

That’s all,



2 comments on “Helping Shelly See

    • Thanks for your well wishes, Dr. Gregory. I have a wonderful vet and strong faith so I have high hopes. I wish you all the best with your Home Veterinary Service. My husband is a Notary Public. His niche is that he makes house calls. So many people need a Notary but are too ill to get to one or do not have a car, etc. He charges $20.oo to travel and then the regular notary fees that the state of Pennsylvania sets. It works for him.

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