Surprised by a Memory

Bible School at White Pine United Methodist Church

I am memorizing the book of Colossians this year with the Colossians in a Year group on Facebook. When I announced in my church that I was going to do this and I would commit to saying the whole book to the congregation next January as a commitment to them, I was not prepared to have someone step forward and volunteer to join me in the quest. Today Sandra K and I said the first 8 verses of the first chapter of Colossians to each other. I was absolutely  amazed when this wonderful 70-s0mething woman sat in front of me and floated the words into the air with awe and reverence, sighing as a passage seized her heart. Ah, what communion with a true saint of God! In the past, she and I have found ourselves united behind like causes: Save Darfur, sustainable agriculture, Bible School direction, singing and playing guitars, and now Colossians in a Year. This may be our best combined effort to date

I have a vision of us standing together in front of the church next January. Can you see it?

Blessings One and All,



2 comments on “Surprised by a Memory

  1. I’ve been at blissdom and now have blissdom plague – which is now teetering on pneumonia – blech. I missed your words.

    And this is why we need the whole body of Our Lord right? Iron sharpening iron.

    You’ve sharpened me today. I’m memorizing Philippians 🙂

    God Bless you

  2. Dear Craig,

    Yes, we need the whole body of Christ. What would I do without my brothers and sisters in Christ? I’d be very crippled indeed and it’s moments like this one with Sandra K that remind me of that fact very emphatically.

    Reading your analysis of James in Deep Into Scripture is sharpening me. Thanks for sharing what must be taking hours to prepare. It’s much appreciated.

    Be well,

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