Prays Him

3 more things to be thankful for on my way to 1000 with Ann Voskamp and community.

I was driving along yesterday behind a car whose license plate read “PRAYS HM.” Since then I haven’t been able to get the phrase out of my mind. I never thought of “prays” and “praise” as interchangeable before this startling, wonderful phrase on the back of a believer’s car.

# 26 A car license plate that says “PRAYS HM”

Sunday morning while I was in church my son called me. He said he knew I was in church and just wanted to tell me he had good news and to call him when I had a free moment. I did. He told me that he was thinking about his hard struggle with panic attacks 2 years ago. It took him many months to get through them with some medication and counseling. He has felt very well the past year and wanted me to know all the wonderful changes in his life that have happened BECAUSE OF the panic attacks. His family found a living, breathing church where almost all their friends come from and where their two little boys go to school. He and his wife are stronger than ever since they went through this together and he has a new perspective on life. I listened with tears in my eyes. If I might paraphrase Mark Buchanan in his book “Spiritual Rhythm: Being with God Every Season of Your Soul”:

Mark Buchanan's "Spiritual Rhythm"

It’s in winter that the truths we grow in summer become a part of us. When what we believe is tested, we then know. My son knows! What a wonderful blessing for a mother.

#27 My son knows he can count on God no matter what

Lastly, I didn’t get a job I thought I had wanted so badly. When the news came that I had not been selected, I was not sad. I think, for me, the purpose of the application, interviews and non-acceptance was that I would be content where I was. With the reality of possibly being able to give up my present position, I was able to think about all the good things about it and there were many good things. These would not come to the surface until I reached outside of my work. Sometimes we do not know what we have until we’re about ready to lose or give it up and we must ask ourselves, “Do I really want this to be gone?” I guess I didn’t because I am really ok with still being where I am. Hmmm…

#28 A new perspective on my job.

Praysing Him,



2 comments on “Prays Him

  1. Amen, I just “tweeted” this before reading you today. “When we pray we speak with God, and when we read Scripture, God speaks with us.”✞ Isadore of Seville 500ish.

    Praying is in itself an act of worship.

    I didn’t even get to you in the “thanks” linky yet. I just came by because your words are so good. These were good words today. thank you.

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours

  2. You are so “tweet”, Craig. Thanks for stopping by. I always feel encouraged after reading your comments AND I love the quotes from the ancients. I fairly devoured your series on St. Valentine.

    Praysing God for you,

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