as a way to slow time


Loving the walk with the dogs in the morning

My New Year’s resolution was to spend this year being present in the present, not dwelling on the past nor wishing for the future. I call it the Year of Now. It has really been revelatory. I see and enjoy each day much more because I don’t wish half of it away. Instead I am intentional about savoring each moment. This morning I saw a bare winter bush that had 4 nests in it. I chuckled that it looked like an apartment complex for birds. I also noticed that the nests were about 75% natural materials, and that all had incorporated into their nests pieces of plastic and waxy paper from the MacDonald’s fastfood restaurant on the other side of the beltway from where we were walking. Last year, I know I would have been standing on the path where I run my dogs shivering and wanting them to hurry so we could get back home. I would have wished for this moment to be over so I could return to the warmth of my home and get started on my work there. AND SO…I would have completely missed the architectural revolution happening in the woods around me. I would have only lived once I got home because I was wishing away the time on the morning run. What a waste of life! Each precious breath now frames a savory moment.

Jessica found a large piece of ice

My granddaugher, Jessica, will spend Saturday with me, but I’ve had no time to think of it for each day I do what is needed that day. I am with whoever needs me to be with them. Tomorrow it is Kristen who suffered a stroke at age 32 and the Follmer family who lost their dear mother and I must drive my husband to conduct her funeral service and be with all those at the funeral luncheon. Each one so precious and each one needing me to be really with them. They do NOT need someone waiting for the time to be over to get to something else.

This noticing makes life so much fuller and somehow “fuller makes it bigger and big doesn’t usually move very fast.” A load must be carried safely. When I focus and draw what is around me in, I do not cut Him off and He takes me “into the kingdom of the Son He loves” (Colossians 1:13b), a timeless kingdom where every one of our senses will be magnified, else we could not stand such a glorious place.

Till tomorrow then,

Good night,


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