Thanks for the Memorization

Mark Buchanan's book "Spiritual Rhythm"

I am thankful today for having commited to memorize the book of Colossians this year with people on Facebook under the page Colossians in a Year. I can say Colossians 1:1-16 now and it feels really GOOD! To buoy my enthusiasm I read in Mark Buchanan’s book today about how scripture memorization gave him a deeper walk with God. He emphasized how committing the Word to memory gave him insights he never had when he just read or studied Scripture and how those passages he committed to memory became a storage of wisdom he could count on during the hard times we all have in our walk through life. Another point he made that was a real encouragement to me was the fact  that as he memorized the memorization became easier. I’m going to claim that as a promise!! Thank you God that you speak to us through books.

I am also thankful for my sons who regularly send me pictures of their family life over the internet and who check in to see how dad and I are doing. It means a lot.

I am also enjoying the video broadcasts on (in)courage of Ann Voskamp’s book “.1000 Gifts.” I am a week behind in the viewing, but (in)courage is kind enough to keep the access open so I can catch up.

I am also thankful for my husband who brought home this little sheep for me “just because he knew I’d like

Husband's gift

it.” The toy he went to the store to get for the grandchildren was not available, but he saw this and got it for me. Ah, true love. I think this may become my mascot for my Year of Now. I am a lamb of God and I want to always be in a state of praise…I am trying to be intentional this year learning to do this so everything is endless praise. Please pray with and for me.

#32 memorization commitment

#33 God speaking through a book

#34 my sons

#35 my husband’s love

Have a great Monday,



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