Unexpected Beauty

I got up this morning and went into the bathroom. Out the window of the bathroom were slender columns of frozen water dripping from the eaves of my roof. In the rising sun, they sparkled like diamonds in an

stained-glass window in my hallway

other-worldly reflection of the new dawn’s rays. I turned from the window looked in the bathroom mirror above the sink and there was a rainbow across the black shirt I was wearing. The same sun that was making the icicles shimmer was beaming through a stained glass window at the end of my hallway, reflecting off the bathroom mirror and onto the black Under Armor shirt I was wearing.

It made me think, “God is with me moment by moment. Showing Himself to me through His creation.” I cannot turn to the right or the left that He does not know it and this morning He made me aware of His presence.  To the right was a rainbow. To the left was a glittering light show dripping from the eaves of my house. “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” I John 1:5

Last night I came home from work near midnight. It had snowed while I was working and there were 6 – 8 inches of heavy snow on my van when I found my van in the parking lot. (I’m getting to the age where I can’t remember where I park and if it snows I have an even harder time because all the vehicles are the

streetlight through snow and trees

same color!) It had been 55 degrees the day before and some peoplem were commenting that they were seeing crocus coming up from the ground. This snow was a big surprise, but as it fell, I thought of the beautiful snowflakes and how the trees, each trimmed with white, glistened in the street lights. This morning’s bathroom blessings made winter’s insistence welcome.

SO this morning with the Multitudes on Mondays community, I thank God for

#40 icicles hanging from my roof glowing in the morning sun

#41 a rainbow on my shirt

#42 for my husband’s labor of love that opened the driveway so I could park easily after work

#43 for dogs that sit on my feet and warm them when I come in from the cold

#44 for Ann who started me counting

Blessed Monday, Everyone!



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