Being Prepared to Let Go


my husband reading

I came downstairs for breakfast this morning and I found my husband with tears running down his cheeks. I said, “What is wrong?” He replied, “Oh, I just got finished reading that book on dogs. At the end the dog she wrote about throughout the book dies. It was so sad. She could have left that out. It wouldn’t have taken away from the book.”

I think many people say the same thing about the Bible. They love to read about the  teachings of Jesus. They believe his words may even be God-inspired and he could even have been a prophet. But they say, as my husband did about the dog, “They could have left out his death. It wouldn’t have taken away from the book.”

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Lent, a period of time set aside to prepare Christians for Easter, focuses on the death of Christ. In doing so, we Christians come to realize the sacrifice that was made for us through his death. Christ’s death occurs on the Friday before Easter. We call it Good Friday because of the realization that his death was good–for us.

His death is proof that he loves us. Understanding his death gives us the courage to let go of whatever would keep us from loving him back. His death was necessary for raising from the dead, and that, my friend, is what Easter is all about.



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