What If I Had to Give Up Everything?

What a day I had today! In the morning I wrote a commentary in response to a professional journal article and got it posted after I went through Colossians 1:1-24 on Scripture Typer. That part of the day went well. After lunch with my dear husband, the day fell apart. I went to a continuing education seminar at the hospital on the topic, Legalities in Documentation. When I left the seminar and was on my way out to my car I discovered I could not find my fold-over wallet with the car keys attached. I retraced my steps back to my car and peaked inside the car to see if I locked my keys in the car. Not this time. I turned around to go back into the hospital and my shoe caught on a rod sticking up from the parking lot and I fell flat on my stomach with my legs straight behind me. Somehow my face did not touch the ground. Bruised and cindered and wet from the slush of melting snow, I limped to the Emergency Room to get checked out.

There I was for the next 4 hours. I called my husband on my cell phone and told him what had happened and reported my lost keys to security. Both husband and security scoped out the scene to no avail. While I was under the CT scanner being checked for vertebral fractures, my husband canceled the one credit card I carried and filled out a form for me to get a new driver’s license. (He is a notary public so he has the forms.)

What does this have to do with giving up everything, you may be thinking. As I was sitting for hours in the ER waiting area all kinds of thoughts ran through my head. What if my back is broken? What if I can’t work anymore? What if I have to change my whole life? My mind was whirling out of control. By the grace of God I had Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts with me and I had plenty of time. I read chapters 8, 9 and 10. I had just lost my keys, my ID cards, my beloved wallet pictures and probably about $30.oo. I was also uncertain of my physical condition and what that would mean for my livelihood. I began to read. In my reading Ann talks about her “ah-ha” moment at the bridge when she really began to trust the Lord. Nothing had changed in her life: farming (her family’s livelihood) was still in crisis, she still had the constant care and schooling of six children to tend to, and she still was uncertain in social situations. BUT she had changed. Through giving thanks in and for all things, she began to trust God with everything. Once she let go of everything, she could handle everything. I began to thank God for losing my keys, falling in the parking lot, for whatever my diagnosis would be and for whatever that diagnosis would mean for me. As I let go of my everything, He came and filled my emptiness. All the worry left me as I began to rejoice in the midst of the adversities. I can truly say I was with Ann in eucharisteo.

Dear Friends, I am happy to say that nothing is broken. I sprained my neck muscles and only have to be off work for a couple of days. I haven’t found my wallet and keys yet, but I am rebuilding a second set and if the originals are found I will be happy, but I am already in praise mode so it doesn’t matter. In the retracing of my steps to find the lost keys, I met up with a co-worker who really needed me to be with her. I am learning that it is not about the keys.

God’s richest blessings,



4 comments on “What If I Had to Give Up Everything?

  1. Dearest Liz,

    You are such a blessing to me. I am so honored to be #126. We truly only need Him, but He knew we’d have a much better time with friends. Thank you, Friend.


  2. Dawn, what a day you had! Isn’t it interesting how our perspectives of things can be so changed or sharpened in just a few moments or so? Trusting God is such a posture of refuge but it can be so difficult to get there at times. I am so glad that you did not have to experience long-lasting hardship!

    Thank you for your earlier response to one of mine here…about traditional practices, memorization and so forth. I have really been chewing on all that you shared. 🙂

    • Dear A.,

      I am so happy to hear from you. I’ve been a bit concerned that maybe I came across too directive in my previous response, but there are so many really good people in the community of bloggers that I have gotten to know that connection ideas kept coming to me as I typed my response to you. I can be intense and have a proverbial lead foot when responding. Thanks for grace and the new wonderful phrase I now have from your most recent comment, “Trusting God is…a posture of refuge.” I LOVE it. I’m off to do a word study on refuge.

      Have a wonder-filled day, Wonderful Friend,

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