From My Dad to My Sister by way of the Spirit

Today I went out to lunch with my sister. My sister has had a rough year. She’s always been a kind, easy-going, self-sacrificing woman who did not believe there were any really evil people UNTIL some of them got together and caused her to lose a great deal. I will not go into detail, but she’s been angry for a year. Today she shared with me how she doesn’t like the bitterness that has overtaken her and the mistrust she’s developed because of all that has happened to her. I listened and heard her heart cry, “I just want to trust again.”

Ah, the precious Holy Spirit, who has been teaching me a great deal about trust recently, came to lunch, too, and placed in my mind the perfect example for my sister to accept what I was going to say. Our dad and my sister were very close. They were carved from the same turkey, if you know what I mean. If dad thought it was a good idea, my sister considered it and, often, did it. Dad was a man of impeccable honor. If he told you something, it was so. He never broke a promise and he never told you something just to make you feel better. He stood for what was right without apology. My sister trusted him. When he died at the young age of 63, I thought I was going to lose her, too.

So today at lunch I said to her, “Deb, you have to look at what happened to you differently. You have to realize that it just may not be about you. Perhaps God is working out a purpose for someone else in all this. You have to trust Him. Suppose our Dad was caught doing something that looked mean and dishonest. Would you believe it? No, you wouldn’t. He was trustworthy. Well, God is, too. It looks like this is a terrible thing and it may be right now for you, but trust Him. It’s not over yet. Begin to thank Him for the good you have gained this year. (She named several good things that have come out of her situation.) Then relax and let Him work it all out. His justice is perfect.”

She seemed better when we parted a little before 1:00 pm. It is so precious to have an earthly father whose ways can point you to the Heavenly Father.

I love you, Dad,



One comment on “From My Dad to My Sister by way of the Spirit

  1. I’m trusting that a post today means you are healing physically from your fall. Ahhh. Years…. Dawn, for many years I walked the journey of your sister and God never left me. I know the hurt. I know the way of praying the hurt. And I know the bounty of thanksgiving. I will pray. In great thanksgiving, Liz

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