Fitting Colossians into My Day

Today began like any other day. My eyes opened to see what time it is and I can see by the light coming in around the shade that it is early Actually it is still very dark, but light is beginning to come in around the edges of the shade. I think it must be about 6:30 am. So I grab my lap top near the bed and click on Scripture Typer. It is a web site I use to practice the verses in the book of Colossians that I am trying to memorize. I practice the verses for about a half hour and then I check the temperature and the flag on the top of the factory next door for windiness

to know what kind of clothes put on for running the dogs. Every morning that it does not rain, I take my dogs to the bike path for a runIt was definately not raining as I looked out the kitchen window and got the dog gear on the dogs, sweaters, collars, leashes and lastly, my car keys. We were set. I got all three of them out the door and into the van. I made sure I had small sandwich bags to pick up their poops and got in the driver’s seat of the van. Much to my surprise, I could not see through the windshield of the van for the iceMy dear husband, who was in the house making breakfast for after my return, saw my dilemma and came out to scrape for me. It made a big diffeence, and we were on our way.Once we got to the bike path the dogs took off on their routine sniffing, running, pooping, frolicking jaunt while I shout out all 24 verses of Colossians Chapter 1. It is exhilerating to shout out the Word into the crisp morning air with the same abandon as the dogs sniff and stuff. We then go back home to a scrumptuous breakfast made lovingly for us by the master of the house. We complete the morning rituals with readings from Through the Bible in Two Years and snippets from books by Christian authors who bless usWe then go our separate ways to do physical exercise. More on that some other day!

If you have any good books you’d recommend, I’d love to know about them.

Have a great weekend!

Give Him the glory,



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