Thankful in Death

My Dear Husband’s mother died just before midnight last night. She had the choice to live on a breathing machine or sleep away peacefully. On this Multitudes on Monday right on the heels of her death, I have a list of things to be thankful for

# 68 my husband’s brother who is taking charge of half of the arrangements for the viewing and funeral

# 69 my mother-in-law’s peaceful death surrounded by family

# 70 employers who understand so that the family could be together to support one another

# 71 caring friends who give simple hugs that let you know they really care

# 72 the funeral director who graduated from high school with me and really knows what the family needs

# 73 my mother-in-law’s little book telling what she wanted each family member to have of her material possessions to remember her by

# 74 everyone having had a chance to say their last good-byes

# 75 her long, productive life teaching 4th grade for 33 years and every child who had her saying she was one of their favorite teachers

# 76 two sisters that will help me with anything I need

# 77 Ann’s book, one thousand gifts, that I read before this day came so that I am able to count my blessings, not bewail my loss

# 78 blog friends who read what I write which makes me intentional about writing my gifts down each Monday.

Thank you, everyone,



4 comments on “Thankful in Death

  1. Oh Dawn! Hugs!!!! I pray and thank Him for the comfort He can send in so many ways. Your mum-in-law sounds like a lady I would have like to have met and talked with. I am glad you got to!

  2. Hugs to your husband, also, Dawn. That partings must come, we know, yet there is still both rejoicing at the good memories and sadness at the loss. Having known the parting of both my parents from this life, I hurt with you both at this loss of your own, now.

    • Dear A.,
      Thanks for being here today. It meant a lot to have your hugs, especially from one who knows the pain of losing parents. The good memories multiply as we go “through things” and, at the same time, there is the sting of death, that separation for awhile. Ah, what it is to be human…

      Rejoicing in the Lord,

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