“Luking” for Easter

Tuesday I will pick up Luke. He is the fourth of my 5 grandchildren. He is coming to spend Holy Week with me. He’s 3 years old so he isn’t really focused on it’s being Holy Week, he just knows he’s coming to spend a week with Mamie and Pop Pop. Of all my grandchildren Luke is most like me and is so very much like my second son, Samuel, who is his father. The last time I had him it got cold outside and he did not have a warm coat to wear. I went up into the attic and found a coat that his daddy had worn at age 2. Tears filled my eyes as I was transported back 33 years to the time that his daddy had worn that coat…so like him Luke is. Of my four children, Samuel was most like me in interests and it was always easy to entertain him as we enjoyed the same things and had the same bio-rhythm of being up early and retiring early. We could hike three miles of the Appalachian Trail near our home before breakfast when he was a boy. Now Luke and I bike 17 miles. All I have to do is reach toward the cupboard that holds the bike helmets and that little boy is standing by my side with his hand reaching out ready to grab his helmet, ready to go.

What will we do Easter week? Thanks to Ann, we will make an Easter garden. We will go to the woods to find “stuff” and come back home to fill the basket. I have just the right basket to use. I think I will get my guitar out and teach him a song and we will sing it together for sunrise service. (There are advantages to having your husband as your pastor!) We will go with a friend from the Caribbean to Mother’s gravesite and burn candles. That is a Vincentian custom. Hewitt missed Mother’s burial last week and he wants to visit her grave while he is here for Easter so we will honor her this week and talk about Jesus being buried while we are there.

We will color eggs and hide them for when Luke’s sisters come on Saturday. I will have him fill plastic eggs with their favorite treats. Hmmm, maybe I will make it a scavenger hunt with the hints tied to the Easter Story. His sisters are 10 and almost 6 so they will enjoy that. Oh, and did I tell you Luke enjoys puzzles? It is the last activity he did with his great-grandmother the weekend before she died. Perhaps I will look for a 48-piece jigsaw puzzle that we can put together with Jesus rising from the dead, and a more complicated one for his sisters. Don’t you all want to come?

Walking with Him Wednesdays,



5 comments on ““Luking” for Easter

  1. Dawn, what a delight to get a peek at what your week with your grandson may hold! It is full of warm and cozy! It makes me want to go make an Easter garden, etc. too! It is easy to see that you must be a huge blessing to all of your family. I am so glad for that. (Your grandson is cute as bug, too!!!!)

    (It always feels so selfish to write about how someone’s writing has impacted my own life, when it is their life that is on the table right now. But I will admit, this post of yours today has changed my outlook for the day-and it needed it. And guess what!!!! The sun just came out, here! You DO spread sunlight! What a coincidence-a beautiful one!!! I am smiling at this. From Abba and from you.)

    Thank you, Dawn.

  2. Dear A.,

    Please make an Easter garden and begin a jigsaw puzzle, too, if you want. Luke and I will be doing our garden because Ann Voskamp and her kids (www.aholyexperience.com) did. You might as well come right along, :^).

    I am grateful that you found something useful in this day’s blog. It’s not philosophical, and, like Craig, sometimes a blogger regrets she has no more than a daily routine to share, so your encouragement was just what I needed. I’m so happy you are going to take a look at Bold Love. I think you will find it very enlightening. It has been awhile since I read it so I will have to skim it a bit again so we can share together. I am looking forward to that. I read your post over at Craig’s and know you are struggling. I will be praying for your unspoken needs. God knows.

    I’ve really been mulling over your phrase for me “from the front porch.” I LOVE that so much. It takes me back to the days when I chatted with my grandmother on her porch swing. Thanks for bringing that wonderful memory to my mind. She was a fabulous grandmother, the kind I would like to be to all my grandkids, and so…we really must do the Easter garden, the puzzles, the scavenger hunt and the biking.

    You inspire,

  3. Oh my YES, Dawn, I want to BE THERE with you and yours. I see all the beautiful blessings tumble over blessings as you create memories of a Christ-filled Easter. 🙂 I had picked up earlier that you were a fellow-Methodist before you wrote about it a few days ago, but I had missed that you are a “pastor’s wife.” Should have caught that!! I love these cyber meetings and have come to feel that Craig is just another grandson and you are a beloved daughter. I must find and check out “A” ‘s blog… my original blog was Liz’s Front Porch. Thank you for blessing me into Holy Week. Hugs, Liz.

  4. Dear Liz, and Dawn…(I often revisit blogs to see what others add to the discussion or to reread the post, so here I am. 🙂 Liz, I don’t have a blog; I am a homeless person in cyberspace. I just go here and there and rest on the porches or under the shade trees of those who have blogs. Dawn definitely has a porch! It is best, given my circumstances, that I remain anonymous, so I do that. Some of my particulars are peculiar enough or rare enough that should those who know me happen onto my trail, they could rather easily recognize me, and I would want no one to be offended, so I remain A. (anonymous) and don’t share certain details about my struggles and life. Thank you, though, for wanting to visit my ‘blog’. That is heartwarming for a homeless person!

    Dawn, I am going to go, now and see what Ann has written about Easter gardens! I may, indeed, just make one, and do a puzzle, too! And thank you for your prayers-very much. Like Liz, I wasn’t aware that you are a pastor’s wife, nor was I aware of your Methodist roots until your recent post. One of my absolute best church experiences, when I lived in a different place, was in a Methodist church.

    • Oh, my dear A., if you haven’t been to Ann’s before you are in for a real cybertreat. She will keep you busy for YEARS. Her intellectual ability is at the top of the scale and is only surpassed by her ability to express herself better than anyone else I have ever read. She’s also transparent. When she has a bad day or made a wrong move, she blogs it…so gifted, yet so humble. She just wrote a book (her first book) called One Thousand Gifts. It is on the New York Times bestseller list. She is so surprised. I’m not.

      Perhaps you are very familiar with Ann’s site. If so, I apologize for not understanding. She’s just so monumental in shaping a lot of my thinking that, if you didn’t know her, I wanted you to be sure to connect. Doesn’t the garden sound fabulous?

      My husband pastors only 1/4 time now. He has a blood disease and does not have a lot of energy. He preaches and administrates, but the people do the rest, like visitation and programming, music, etc. It is a win-win situation. We get to live in our own home. The people save on parsonage expenses and we live a more secluded life which is what we need at this stage. God is good!

      I think I need to dig out some of my good John Wesley “stuff” since we’re talking Methodism. He had quite a life and ministry. The movie “Luthur” was fantastic, though. If you get a chance to see that, I think you would really love it. John Wesley was saved reading Luther’s notes on the book of Romans. But more about that later. It is late.

      “See” you tomorrow,

      Love you.

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