From His palm, this Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday and I am in need of confession. I have been praying for the Lord of my life to help me in my employment. I am a nurse and as I am getting older the job is getting harder. With the new health care reform measures and the worsening financial situation across the country, I am being forced to take much larger work assignments while, simultaneously, I am weakening with age. The two do not mix well. So, I commenced praying to get some answers to my dilemma.

A couple of months ago, hospital management combined two departments that were once separate into one unit under the same manager. The manager then began to assign the two separate staffs of nurses to cover for one another. Both units are specialty units requiring differing skills and knowledge bases for nursing care of the patients. I was not happy. The first time I was assigned to the other unit it was extremely busy and I really thought I would be a “fish out of water”. It turned out that the nurses on the other unit assigned me patients I could easily handle and I did unit secretarial duties, too. It was a good day. Last evening I was required to cross over to the other unit again. I went there grumbling that I wasn’t trained to be there, that I wasn’t good with this type patient, etc etc. The nurses were very sympathetic. They told me they would not like to cross over to my unit, either, and that if I just wanted to work as a nurses’ aide, they’d take all the patients. They were so accommodating that I shut up and took my assignment. As the evening progressed and I spent 8 hours with these wonderful nurses, I felt ashamed that I had been so rebellious.

The real shame came, however, after I got home and realized that I had had one of the easiest evenings of work in months. Hadn’t I asked God for this? I asked him to help me be able to handle my workload. He had given me a much lighter load, and with congenial co-workers as a bonus.  I had almost missed it in my grumbling. Today I wasn’t needed at the hospital at all. When this happens, I still get full-time benefits, but I’m not working full-time. You can’t get a lighter workload than that. He, who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20) did just that for me. I almost didn’t recognize it. Forgive me, Lord, and thank you!

Riding into Jerusalem with the King of Kings,



5 comments on “From His palm, this Palm Sunday

  1. This was encouraging…I, too, at my age ponder these ‘what is a good way to earn’ questions for the age category I am entering. I am glad to know that God helps us where we are with the skills we have or can gain. I am glad he blessed you in your crossover work!

  2. Dear A.,

    I must stop grumbling and complaining. It is a sign of mistrust. I was really brought up short with this event. His hand is always on me. It’s about time I act like it. This is the week of His passion: His suffering, death and resurrection–for me. It’s a great week to “be with,” “love,” and “know” Him anew. And because I’ll share the week with Luke, I may even get the blessing of childlike faith.

    I’ll be praying for your work situation. He cares,

  3. Wow…this is encouraging. He takes care of us, no matter what our needs are. Thank you for your “confessions” :)>

    • Dear Andrea,

      I think He makes sure we have the critical things: salvation (hosanna), His presence, His comfort. The constant suffering of some people in the world (ie: the Darfur, Sudan) confuses me. I don’t believe I eat every day because He loves me more than them. Basir, president of Sudan, is a truly evil person, but God is greater. What does God want us to do? I’ll have to get back to you with this one. I don’t know. I’ve been taking political action and educating about this for years, but they continue to suffer. I just know I want to give thanks in all things, ala Apostle Paul and Ann Voskamp!


  4. Thank you, Dawn, for your open honesty to remind me that the King of kings truly walks the walk with us and cares about ALL the details. I have a drawing of the hand of Jesus–with my name on it–tacked at eye level on my desk…. from my Walk to Emmaus in 1996.
    Oh, and just so your dreams don’t get too tarnished, retirement has its ups, downs, and challenges also!!!! 🙂 sans the alarm clock! Holy Week Blessings, Liz

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