Short and Sweet

Jessica, our 10-year-old granddaughter calls her Pop Pop and says, “Pop Pop will you baptize me this summer on my birthday?” Pulling himself together from the emotion of the thought of baptizing his own granddaughter he replies, “Why yes, of course. What lead you to want to be baptized?”

“Well, Pop Pop, I sort of had this vision. I was eating M&Ms and one of them fell in my glass of milk. I watched it floating there and the color came off it. There it was, all white. I got to thinking how that was what Jesus did for me. He made me white inside. I think it’s time for me to tell everyone I believe this.”

I wonder if Jesus were to come today if He would teach us He could make us whiter than an M&M…

Have a great day in the Lord,



7 comments on “Short and Sweet

    • Dear Cora,

      M&Ms are great, aren’t they?
      I just ordered some Happy Mother’s Day M&Ms for my mother. She has everything. I think she’ll love them. She has everything so I think this unique sweet treat will be fun. I wonder if I should get a quart of milk, too, Smile!

      Have a great day,

  1. The sweetest and bestest and most life-giving beautiful request ever from a granddaughter to her Pop-Pop. What a huge sermon and testimony. Hang tight, Jessica, to find Jesus in such a powerful way, you’re in for an awesome ride. God bless you AND your grandparents. Grandma: we want pictures this summer !!!

    • Dear Liz,

      How uplifting your post was. You really realize the bigness of this whole thing to both him and her. Pictures? Of course, but will I remember the camera? I sure hope so. Cell phone service is not available in the deep woods or I’d use that. It will be an immersion in either the creek or Pete’s pond. DH practically drown Jessica’s father baptizing him. At age 20-something he was a bit heavier than Jessica will be, however Pop-Pop is a lot weaker these days. We will aim for deep water that will enable her to float more. Ah, the logistics! I know some of the men from the church will assist. It will be a glorious moment. Perhaps a dove may even fly by!(?)

      Love you, Liz,
      You are a tender friend. The Lord knew I needed one of those.

  2. This is the most precious story I have heard in a very long time… God has such a marvelous sense of humour and His lessons are never wasted… I look forward to dropping an M&M in a glass of milk for church one day… and I will share Jessica’s story! Blessings to you all; Our three children also asked their father to baptize them at young ages and the joy of those moments remains even yet.

  3. I love a response from someone who has had the same experience–baptizing children and grandchildren. The Lord is so gracious! I forgot to include in my response to Liz that Jessica’s middle name is Dove so that if a dove would fly by it would be soooo God, you know.

    When Jessica was dedicated as a baby the minister spoke over her that she would be a child of peace. She certainly has been. She’s an amazing little girl.

    I’m so happy you dropped by today,

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