Nature is happy and teaches me to be thankful

Today I just wanted to be thankful with my Multitudes on Mondays family. I went for my usual morning run with my dogs with my Colossians In A Year booklet in my hand reciting Chapter 1 through and then working on my two new verses for this week Colossians 2:7-8. Joggers were passing and the dogs, ignoring them, continued to sniff and explore. I stood in front of the bushes filled with tiny birds singing as they build their nests. Their exuberant tweeting bursting forth in a testimony to the enjoyment of work, the bushes God gave them and new life they were preparing for! Right here and now, in this morning moment, all creation was alive and praising the Lord. The creek was babbling, the birds were singing, the breeze was gently tugging at our backs. The cattail were shedding their seeds on silky strands and then I spied it… Right in the walkway was this beautiful shiny shell. It was a live snail. I had not seen it at the beginning of the walk, but I must have passed it as I was seeing it on the way home. It was so lovely. My picture certainly doesn’t do it justice. As I picked it up, however, I could feel the suction of the snail’s body release. I hope I didn’t hurt it in any way. I brought it home and it is in yard now. My yard spawns yet more thankfulness. The lilacs are bursting giving the yard a sweet fragrance. The azalea bush is just about to join in the dance of color by contributing its white flowers to the purple. Both bushes rise above pink tulips with a yellow forsythia background. I look out over all 20 x 20 foot of it and smile. It’s grandeur in miniature!

# 120 having the Word of God to memorize

# 121 dogs that behave well

# 122 birds singing

# 123 babbling brook

# 124 gentle breeze

# 125 silk strands of cattail

# 126 THE SNAIL (my special gift of the day)

# 127 my yard of flowers and flowering bushes, their fragrance and their color

# 128 that I can see and smell and walk and remember

# 129 if you are reading this, know that I am thankful for you

God bless,


5 comments on “Nature is happy and teaches me to be thankful

  1. I loved your list today! It was really hard to pick a favorite, but “dogs that behave” struck me. Four years ago, when I got Buster, I really thought we would have to part ways as I felt he was “untrainable.” We flunked out of “bad boy school”, and the behavior got worse and worse. It was a long story, but we had our “aha” moment together, and somehow either I got it or he got it, and things got much better. I wouldn’t exchange him for the world now.

    You now have me in the book of Colossians. Thank you for that. And thank you for your list today. Always love coming over here and I look forward to all your posts!

  2. I’d love to hear about your aha moment with Buster. I really am interested in dogs and humans. There was a Nova production on “Dogs” that provided scientific research that backed some of the things I was noticing as a dog owner. They are special creatures. I’d love to hear about yours.

    I am in a group on Facebook that Ann Voskamp started. I wanted to memorize Philippians, but she was in Colossians so I went along. I am so glad I did! Perhaps we will do Philippians another year. I’m so happy you’re there. It’s a great part of Scripture.

    God’s richest blessings today and always,

  3. Dawn, that touched me that you took good care of the snail! The other thing that tugged at me (and yes, they are all good!) was the fragrance of lilacs. That is one of my favorite fragrances. The smell of orange tree blossoms is another.

    Per dogs and cats…I love dogs but really love cats (am only a cat owner right now) so was very intrigued recently to learn of a cat (very beautiful animal) that has the behavior of a dog, the loyalty and desire to follow its owner around-minus the independence of a cat. It is a russian cat! It is on my list of things to possibly own someday or at least see. It sounds like the best of dogs (personality) and cats ( totally cute appearance) put together.

    (catching up backwards here).

    • A.,

      I am going to investigate this cat/dog. On the Nova “special” on Dogs they showed how they took a fox and kept selecting the docile ones and by inter-breeding made a totally docile fox so it could be a pet like a dog. I think that was in Siberia, Russia. The fox was fairly large. My snail is making itself at home in our yard. I hope it likes the smell of lilacs. Oh, and the white azaleas have just burst out today. Every day it is a new yard! Fun!

      God bless,

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