Royal Privilege

One of my favorite Bible teachers is Alan Vincent. He was a very successful businessman for Kodak in Great Britain who accepted the Lord as Savior as an adult. From the moment of his conversion, he devoured the Word of God and was a gifted expositor of the Word. He went to India in missionary service and, now, in his “retirement” has become a patriarch to the next generation of expositors. One day he shared this story:

As a business executive in Great Britain, I once had to have an audience with the king in order to move forward in a business venture. Now, when one has an audience with the king of England, he/she best be on time. You have 30 minutes to make your case. Once those 30 minutes are past, they are gone. This day I arrived right on time. I had said my speech over and over until I had gotten every detail down in under 30 minutes. I had my authorization paper in my hand and I was admitted to the palace. Right at the appointed time I was called to present myself to the king. I had no sooner begun my speech when a little boy rushed into the chambers wailing, “Daddy, can you fix my truck! Pleeeeease, Daddy!”

Immediately the king picked up the boy and the damaged truck and he began to fix the truck as he soothed the boy. I couldn’t help it, but I was watching the clock. As the king fixed his son’s truck, my minutes ticked away. Finally, the king sent the boy and his repaired truck on their way. I looked at the clock. I had but minutes. I quickly said what I could say in the time remaining and was ushered out. As you can imagine, I was more than a little annoyed, but walking away from the palace a revelation came to me.

Here was a boy who could disrupt the business dealings of two powerful adult men. Here was a boy who could cry in the official chambers of a government office and receive the attention of one of the most powerful men in the country. Why was this? How could this be? HE WAS A CHILD OF THE KING! I rolled this around and around in my mind. He didn’t have to do anything to get an audience with the king. He had it, by virtue of the fact, he was His child. I, too, was a child of the king. In fact, I was a child of the King of Kings and I had privileges because of it.  I could talk to my Father anytime and I could come boldly onto the throne of grace. I had been given authorization papers at the cross. I had the privileges of a royal bloodline. I could go anywhere. Ask Him for anything. I was the apple of His eye. I never had to feel second rate to anyone. When I fully wrapped my mind around that, I was never the same again.

Today it is Walk with Him Wednesday. I think I’ll walk like a child of the King,


Colossians 1:12 “He has qualified you to share in the inheritance with His holy people in the Kingdom of Light.”


4 comments on “Royal Privilege

  1. This is a never to forget message! I have just done my last watch at the animals, checking for a foal and milking the goats, have put the cheese on to set and put the done one away. As I settle in beside my dear sleeping man, I know my thoughts and rejoicing will be ‘that I am a child of the King and He delights in His children’. I know I will just settle into His arms, but I am wondering what I can bring for Him to fix… I’ll sleep on it!

    • Dear Susan,

      Your life is so very different from mine “checking for a foal and miking the goats, have put the cheese on to set…” and yet, we are so very alike in the Lord. I am so happy you stop by here and that I get to read your beautiful poetry from time to time. You are truly a blessing.

      God bless,

  2. One of my all time favorite hymns has been “A child of the King.” I loved your last statement where you said, “I think I’ll walk like a child of the King.” Why is it so hard for us to claim our rightful place and just run into His presence??? I can remember in all my growing-up years with Christian Radio, every day hearing that one program ending with, “Walk with King, won’t you? Walk with the King!” It’s now ringing in my ears. Such a beautiful post today, and I’ll be humming that hymn, too. Thank you so much for this!

    • Dear Cora,

      I have so much more to say about being a child of the king, but time constrains me. I only wish I didn’t have to sleep sometimes, but then I think of Craig and I certainly don’t want that either. We have to be careful what we wish for sometimes.

      Thanks for your encouragement. I’m glad I could keep you humming. You are so very welcome!


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