Three blue eggs

Ah, my heart was so sad today. I had so much to do and so little time to do it. I have guests coming in the afternoon and afternoon is always my lowest time of the day, but I really wanted to see these guests from out of town. Then after the guests will be card-making with a bunch of friends whom I love. Somehow, though, I just don’t feel like it today. What was it about this morning that stole the song in my heart? I can’t point to anything specific. I really had a regular morning. Scripture memory, which, by the way, went very poorly. Verses that rolled off the tongue yesterday, could not trigger the synapses of the memory neurons today. DH and I read our Bible and the devotional book we are finishing, which, by the way, was very non-inspiring. You can read how un-inspiring at http://www.dschondogbookreviews@

DH and I had a sandwich for lunch. He had an appointment at noon so he had to rush off and then. it. happened. My mother robin who has a nest right outside our sun room window was off her nest. I peaked into the uncovered nest and there were 3 blue eggs. I took a picture of them so I could share my joy. God is so good. I needed new life to surge into my being and there they were in all their beauty…my mommy robin’s next generation. I feel so encouraged now. It is 12:19 pm. My guests will arrive at about 1:15. I think I will bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The house will smell like baking and the warmth from the oven will take the edge off the dampness of 5 days of rain. Last, but not least, my guests will have a cookie treat to eat while we talk.

Right in the middle of making the chocolate chip cookies, my DH came in with a beautiful bouquest of dark pink azaleas. He had just come from a neighbor’s house and she cut two branches off and said, “Here, your wife needs these.” I asked my DH how she knew I needed them because I really did. I immediately put them in a vase and sat them on the sink until I could attend to them better.

Once the cookies were done. . Flowers were placed in the middle of the table and Christmas place mats with an Easter runner were prepared to welcome guests. After everything was all overit felt good to clear everything away and get ready for the evening’s activities. I was gathering together with a bunch of friends to make greeting cards. It’s a hobby of mine and truly relaxes me. This evening we all made two cards.

We made one for a man and one for a woman. I made both of mine birthday cards. The day got better and better because friends stopped to encourage…and it all started with 3 blue eggs.

Abiding in the Vine,



4 comments on “Three blue eggs

  1. the miracle of three blue eggs… and God knew all along the blessing it would be for you as he told that little robin to make its home outside your window ❤
    I would have had a big hug for you today if I was there and I would love to have made cards with you too… and then there are the…cookies!
    Blessings my friend

  2. Good morning, Susan,

    Yes, God knew it all the time. His beloved robin, my beloved neighbor, the azalea bush…all bursting with praise to teach me to praise.

    We’d make quite a team making cards. Wouldn’t that be just perfect!? …and then there’s the COOKIES!!!!

    It’s raining here…6th day in a row and no end in sight, but there’s sunshine in my soul,
    Heavenly hugs,

  3. What is it about a nest of eggs that just does that???? For me, there is nothing more moving and full of heart than a bird’s nest. And Robins are my favorite. I rememer as a child in kindergarten seeing my first robin’s nest. As a class, we watched as they hatched, and then finally flew off. I never, ever forgot it.

    Would love to see more of your cards! These were beautiful!!!! I love making cards so much! We’re not getting much rain at all, so I’m always glad for the little bit we see! Sounds like a really great day afterall!!!!

    • Dear Cora,

      You telling me my cards look beautiful is a real compliment because I can see your aesthetic sense in the beauty of your blog site. I want to write about robin eggs again for my post tomorrow. My husband and I had a long discussion yesterday. He is such a truly wise person. I know you will appreciate it.

      Hope to “see” you tomorrow,

      PS There is a great site on the web for card ideas Lots of my ideas come from there!

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