Living Christ-Centric by Memorizing Colossians: Two Verses Each Week for One Year

On this Walk with Him Wednesday I want everyone to know that I am dedicating my blogging time to memorizing Colossians 2:15-16. Once that is done, I want to spend however long it takes reviewing Colossians Chapter 1. I reviewed Colossians 2:1-14 when I ran my dogs this morning. There are some rough spots that need smoothing there, too. Before I take in the dead food at dinner tonight (see if you haven’t been there already today for the discussion of dead food and living food), I want the living food of Colossians 1:1 – 2:16 to flow freely from my lips to glorify Him.

My prayer is that the Lord Jesus fill all of us to overflowing!

All is grace, Dawn

10 comments on “Living Christ-Centric by Memorizing Colossians: Two Verses Each Week for One Year

  1. Dawn, I posted an “overflowing” on my blog! I guess last night or very early this morning before I went to bed …. so cool how God’s Holy Spirit links us all together in His love. Blessings as you hide His living Word in your heart!

    • Dear Susan,

      We were both flowing rivers the past 12 hours or so. How cool is that? I just finished my Colossians review EXCEPT for learning the 2 new verses perfectly. I am burned out. I spent about 2 hours practicing through Scripture Typer online till “it” said I was good enough to stop. It’s good to have a non-biased opinion even if it is a computer.

      I’m running on over to now to read “Overflowing”. I’m so excited!


  2. Dead food and living food-Dawn, that is a whole-grain description that will stick with me today, thank you for that!

    • A.,

      What a picture this gives me! You are queen of the catchy phrase. I’m going to tuck this into the crevices of my mind. It will prove to be very useful one day, I am certain of that. I have a post-memorization numb leg. That happens when I sit too long and I was using my computer to check my memorization skills for 2 hours today. That is too long for me to sit in one place. Ah, well, that’s all behind me now, but I must move around some. Perhaps I should invest in one of those smart phones? No, way too much connection for me…

      Thanks for passing by, My Dear Friend,

  3. Dawn!!!!! You have the determination of a hungry pit bull!!!! I remember memorizing the book of Philippians. I was ok with it by chapters, or sections. But I don’t think I ever got it down where I could do the whole thing in one long recitation. I need to get back to that. I read Ann’s post today about dead food and living food. I was also raised in a VERY Dutch home and my faither read the Bible after our dinner. Never missed. I really liked her way of doing it, though, where everyone had an open Bible and all read aloud together. Just fantastic. I couldn’t help but think about dead food tonight as I ate my refried beans on my corn tortilla. Very dead! Keep up the memorizing work, Dawn. You won’t regret it a bit!!!!

    • Cora,

      You were writing to me as I was writing to you! Are we connected or what? A hungry pit bull, eh? My sisters tell me I NEVER quit if I make up my mind. I think my mind was made up on this one and the community of Colossians in a Year is a real energetic one so they keep me accountable. One of your thank you’s this week over in Hidden Riches in Secret Places was regaining your ability to retain what you read after having been through chemo. This Scripture memorization is helping me exercise my mind. It has really lost its retention ability over the years so the memorization helps the physical body as well as the spirit. I love multi-tasking.

      My robins left their nest today. I was so surprised. There were three robins yesterday and only two today. I snapped their picture and when I went back to check on them, they were gone. I miss them, but realize life must go on…sigh. I made a scap-book page of their life outside my sun room window. Three blue eggs were there May 19 and they left their nest June 8. We humans talk about how fast OUR kids grow. Sheesh, this is like warp speed.

      Well, that’s all my news. I must write a letter. I haven’t put a pen to a piece of stationary in many a month. I have a friend in Hong Kong whose idea of the best gift ever is a handwritten letter. It’s her birthday the first week of July so I’m going to compose one and send it in a card I made just for her. Ah, the simple things in life…love ’em…and you.


      • Dawn, when our robins leave the nest we still see them for weeks being fed at ground level by very anxious moms and dads. Keep your eye open… sometimes they are on a branch too and you can see them still being fed by very busy parents… they can be almost as big and will still have a juicy worm dropped down their throats. I am so glad you could witness their growth through all these days and through all those storms. A miracle family

  4. Yes, Dear Fisher Lady, I checked illustrated word out. She indeed does have a unique ministry. I am now a follower. Thanks for thinking of me and what I may need along the journey. This looks like a fine “watering hole”.


  5. Dear Susan,

    I hear the mom and dad’s bird calls, but I haven’t seen the babies. My DH says they are hidden on the ground somewhere, but these are very clever bird parents, as you have alluded to. I want to see those “babies” fed worms on the ground. I’m a bit like SImeon. I don’t want to die till I have seen a big bird fed a worm on the ground!!!!

    God’s rich blessings are everywhere, sometimes we just can’t see them,


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