What ever happened to sacrifice – Part 3 (The movement to restore the temple in Jerusalem)

There is a present-day movement among Orthodox Jews (some call them extremists) to restore the Temple and re-institute animal sacrifice. The Sanhedrin Council formed by 71 rabbinical leaders in 2004 formed in TIberius (the city where the Sanhedrin was dissolved) is leading the way. Rabbi Dov Stein says they plan to build the third Temple on the Mount and re-institute korban, animal sacrifices. Since the chances of getting a temple built on the mount in the near future is a political nightmare, the Sanhedrin has called for an altar to be built to handle the Korban Pesach (sacrifice of the Pascal lamb for Passover) as a start. Meanwhile the Temple Institute has architectural plans ready for the building of the third temple and excavation for the building of a replica of the temple as a school to teach the Korarath and Levites their duties once the Third Temple is built and operating. The Temple Institute is also presently making all the utensils for use in the new temple.

Jerusalem has seen two temples built on the Temple Mount. The first was built by King Solomon close to 3,000 years ago. It was destroyed by the armies of Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C. The second temple was built under Zerubbabel during the years 520-516 B.C. This was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D. Since that time there has been a deep desire among many observant Jews both out in the Diaspora and back in Eretz Israel to see the temple rebuilt.

At the present time the construction of the Third Temple is quite impossible from a political perspective. The Temple Mount area is under rather strict Islamic control. But the prophetic scriptures indicate that the temple will indeed be rebuilt. We can only assume that those sad conditions we see and take for granted today will change quite dramatically in the future. At some point there will be a new peace on the Temple Mount. And in this peace the Third Temple will be constructed.—http://endtimepilgrim.org/thirdtemple.htm

The End Time Pilgrim site that made the statement above is a Christian organization that perports the idea that the anti-christ will come and make peace enabling the Temple to be built and fulfilling end time events.

In April of this year the first significant rabbinical backing to reinstitute yearly animal sacrifices was announced by Safed’s Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, a prominent religious Zionism leader. He called on the public to perform the sacrifice mitzvah on the eve of the Jewish Passover in April 2011. Government officials denied the reuqest due to the inability to provide police coverage at the event, but the fact remains that the movement to begin animal sacrifice is gaining momentum.

This is a fascinating look into something happening in the present that I, frankly, knew nothing about. If this peaks your interst please go to the Temple Institute site and view the architechtural plans for the third temple. You can even see a computer animation of the part that will be constructed first. I do not have copyright permission to lift anything from their site, but it is all there. You may even want to look at a video of the construction of the school being built to teach those whose lineage is Levitical how to perform their duties in the new temple.  http://wejew.com/media/6393/School_to_Prepare_for_the_Rebuilt_Temple/. To me this was quite fascinating ‘stuff’. What do you think?

This concludes my mini-series on What Ever Happened to Sacrifice. I have learned a lot. There is still much to explore and I have given you a taste if you want to continue.

Have a blessed weekend,


5 comments on “What ever happened to sacrifice – Part 3 (The movement to restore the temple in Jerusalem)

  1. This is all very interesting, and I wasn’t aware of it either. This touches on another interesting (at times) subject, that of eschatology. Thank you for providing this study for us, and I will go check out the link, now.

    • Dear A.,

      I am smiling because I tried to use the word eschatology several times throughout this day’s post and I couldn’t get the word to look right in print. I really wasn’t sure of the spelling and so I just skipped it. Now I know because it was there in your comment.

      I went through what seemed like tons of eschatological posts researching this. Pre-trib, post-trib, rapture, pre-millenial, mid-trib and some I never heard of. All ideas of the end of time. I just know I am ready.

      God bless,

      • Dawn, per eschatology-that is funny! Who knew it was swirling around in both our minds?! I thought of it with regard to the partial preterist view among others and how people look at all these things (like rebuilding the temple) and assign various significance to them. If you do a study on eschatology I will definitely sign up! Would be curious to hear your thoughts. I haven’t spent a lot of time researching this topic because others have been more critical of late, but it is an interesting one. I tend to be surrounded by either dispensationalists who are pre-trib though I met one person who was partial preterist. I had never heard that term until then but find that view interesting. I was raised with a mid-trib view but then learned that even pre-trib is a fairly young version (a couple hundred years at best) and was surprised. I think, seriously, that it would be very satisfying to be able to go to seminary to just learn. I don’t want to be a preacher. Not a practical choice, at present, but fun to consider.

  2. This is fascinating. . and something I knew nothing about until I read your three posts. Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Dear Danelle,

    I know your time is very precious. The fact that you took time to read all three of these blesses my heart. Sometime I just want to dig into something. This was one of those times. Thanks for traveling with me to the end.

    Had a beautiful day,

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