tHe posts vs the posts

One of my favorite bloggers, Danelle, over at wrote this week that she will not be blogging for awhile since she is in a season of learning. She writes:

I can tell that I have a post brewing when words come like streams into my soul.

I can’t type fast enough.

I read back words on the white screen and want to comment because I don’t even remember typing them.

This is truth.

She is a young stay-at-home m0m with two little boys whom she home-schools. I learn so much from her even though I am twice her age. When she wrote this about her posts, I could relate. Some days my hand types, but it’s like someone else is pressing the keys. Other days I research and edit and revise and research again which leads to more revising. It may be something that is interesting to me, but it is not inspired. Danelle made me think about my writing when she talked about hers. I came up with a word for those posts of mine that are more God-inspired. They are “tHe” posts. Posts that are more newsy and report-like are “the” posts. Somehow knowing that I’m not expecting myself to be inspirational every day is a relief. I don’t know “from what” because no one is making me do this, but I have a sense of relief anyway.

I really don’t want people not to get something when they drop by here. We all only have so many hours in a day and if you take the time to come by, I want you to get, at the very least, a crumb. Do you know what I mean?

Whew, now that that is off my chest, I think I’ll call it a night.

God bless you, Dear Reader,



7 comments on “tHe posts vs the posts

  1. Dawn,
    You are so precious to me. This is a beautiful post. You are so right about “the” posts vs. “tHe” posts. Love that way of putting words to it. This spoke to my heart. I was finding myself putting pressure on the writing. Wrong of me. I need this time, short or long, to be sure that I am doing His will in what I type. Your way of viewing how and why and what ends up on a blog is inspiring. Funny how we can feel weight when His yoke is easy. Don’t know why we do this to ourselves. Love and blessings to you Dawn. And I truly enjoy and am blessed by both types of posts “the” and “tHe”.

  2. Dear Danelle,

    I am relieved, too, that you are pleased with the post. When I lift another’s work, I always want to remain true to its original intent. I did not want to twist this in a way that was not intended. Thanks for the confirmation and that you like the word distinctions I made in my mind between the useful informative and the divine.

    I was over at (in)courage today where Ann is posted and it is unbelievable to me just how heavy an accusatory load some people are carrying. I have been made acutely aware that I must monitor every single word I speak. There is a verse I got off Emily Stroble’s blog yesterday that really spoke to me

    “And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you.” I Thess. 4:11

    Study to be quiet…that’s a new concept for me, but one I am going to take to heart.

    Quietly hugging you,

  3. Dawn….don’t get too quiet on us in your studying to be quiet. 🙂 I learn here and am inspired here and am nudged here. I like what you said in this post-and I am not even a post writer. I also smiled at your ‘relief from what’ comment since you are under no outside pressure to maintain this post! I like your reflectiveness and the things you come up with in that reflective place.

    I have been on the road for four days so am glad to be back and catching up. Only one motel I stayed at had free wifi that worked so road access was sketchy. Your responses to Laska always make me laugh inside! You are so funny while you are dispensing wisdom and insight1

  4. I’m with A. here. Don’t get too quiet. I like chit chat now and then, and it makes a persom comfortable with you, trusting, and “ready” for the inspired stuff. I love hearing about your family, your dogs, your walks, and your work. It helps me understand where the inspired stuff comes from. I get to know your personality, what you like, what turns your hair gray, and what gives you goose bumps.

    Now, of course, I have to go over to this blog you mentioned. I’m too much of a curious person to let that pass me by!

  5. Dear Cora,

    You are an incredible writer and such a deep friend. By that, I mean, you pay attention to the details and retain them so well that you can weave them into an accurate whole. I also love how you get to the heart of matters. Over at Craig’s you said to Laska “only believe the guy who fills your bowl, always comes back, always finds you, and takes care of you when you come close to “dide”, and really loves you. That is one voyse you can trust!” all the details right there in one place AND you give a web site for a harness leash, too. You take note, advise and then provide a solution. I have met few people as caring as you. I heart that you drop by here.

    Much love,

    What did you think of I’m heading over to see for myself….

    • Dawn, you are a lifter up of people’s heads! Thank you. I read your comment above about Ann’s post on In-Courage today. I was sooooooo moved by that, adding it to Craig’s post about negative words, etc. I sat here today looking at hundreds of primitive stitcheries I made on vintage linens during a very dark time in my life. I had no idea what to do with them. But a quilt would be the perfect answer to that. To be covered in positive Scripture, verses to songs, etc. Just wonderful. It is amazing at how terribly wounded people can be by just a few words. Some of us are just shot through with all the arrows that have gone through us. Just pulling out that one arrow at Craig’s today and thinking about it made me see all the firey arrows I have probably sent flying through someone else’s heart. Study to be quiet. That is a life study in itself.

      I loved the blog you sent us to. Thank you so much for the address.

  6. Dear Cora,

    PLEASE make the quilt. I think it will be a testimony to the power of the words of Jesus in your life. I think you need to send a picture of the finished quilt to Ann, also. I think it would really bless her. I do not quilt, but I am in awe of those who do. My daughter-in-law makes me quilted things. I am blessed.

    If you missed it, I think you would like Ann’s blog about a quilt her mother made with pieces from a dark time in her life.

    With this, I say good-night,

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