Giving joyful thanks

All week long I think of what I can post on Monday. It keeps me focused on God’s blessings to me in the everyday. I really like to have a photo for every blessing I post. I am not quite able to do that this Monday, but I hope you enjoy the ones that do have photos. Last Monday Elizabeth commented to Craig over at Deep into Love, “I find in my list the lack of the ‘hard eucharisteo’ that I find here.” Craig’s list (hmmm, that sounds familiar) does have that depth to it. I tried to be better at thanking him for the hard things this week. That is the place where we all need to be, thankful in the hard times. It’s in the hard places that growth surges ahead, otherwise we are simply making lists like anyone would. So let me begin with a hard one.

# 180 I thank Him for the experience of having constant pain from 2 bulging discs and a herniated disc in my lumbar spine for a little over 2 years now. Because of the pain I have not been able to run, do aerobic exercises with my exercise group or work 12-hour shifts at work. But, more importantly, because of the discs I am now more compassionate. less judgmental and more tolerant, and my life, of necessity, has slowed down. With the slowing has come an appreciation of moments, of things small and of things more eternal. The pain has given me a much-needed shift in focus and a heart of mercy that was indetectable before.

# 181 I thank Him for the grandeur of the woods where my dogs and I run.

# 182 For the variety of birds singing in the early morning and being able to identify their individual calls as I have come to know them over the months as each species comes and goes according to the seasons# 183 For the community of faith who encourages me to diligently commit the book of Colossians to memory  this year 2 verses per week (I’m only one week behind).# 184 For people in the community where I live beginning to recognize a serious issue that faces our community and for which I have been praying for a long time. I thank the Lord that He is making me aware of others with the same concerns so that I don’t lose hope.

# 185 Going through the death of my husband’s mother this past month, I am ever the more grateful for my mother’s husband, Terry, who cares for her tenderly and patiently. She at age 84 and he at age 70. They have been married 13 years…I wish him an extra-special happy father’s day. #186 For the financial crisis at the church my son attends. Being financially successful and spiritually concerned for the church’s finances, he was asked by the pastoral leadership for his counsel. They really helped him out when he was in crisis and have been instrumental in helping him build a strong family so he is thankful to be given this opportunity to be used of God for the glory of His church…’for such a time as this’ is giving him perspective for his own crisis Harry, Max, Stephanie # 187 I thank him for quiet times alone after busy days at work# 188 and for friends with whom I can joke and laugh and play

# 189 The woman in the light blue blouse in the group picture started a shoe ministry at church. I thank God for people with vision and the determination to bring that vision to pass# 190 and, lastly, I thank God for people who come across something they think would interest me and they set it aside and bring it with them if we are to meet. A woman had this for me yesterdayIt is a receipt for what her family paid the doctor for her birth in 1924! The same doctor delivered my husband 26 years later!

That is my list on this Multitudes on Mondays. As always, I am grateful for this community and for Ann who gives us this place to gather.

God’s richest blessing on you today,



4 comments on “Giving joyful thanks

  1. Dawn, I’ve been catching up here today, and so glad I did! I loved your list so much and it gives me a little better insight into who you are and why, etc., etc. Thank you for sharing this. I was thinking of those verses where it tells us that we suffer these things and go through hard times just so we will know how to comfort those who go through the same things. It is when we find the opportunity to be sympathetic and to walk with someone with the same afflictions that we seem to find a purpose in it all. We have a choice: to bottle up and hide it and become bitter and resentful, or we can let it flow out to others and become a vessel of mercy and grace. And that’s what you are, Dawn. A constant pouring out of mercy and grace! Thank you!

  2. Cora and Andrea,

    I am thankful for women of the faith who have suffered much and still point to the Lord and live their lives through His grace. As I posted today (Tuesday, June 21) faith is not based on facts and our understanding. Faith is a surrender to the One who knows all and how everything fits together. We defer to Him because we know Him to be a loving Father–not because we always get what we want, but because we know He always deals fairly and He has many children with whom He has to deal. So today, Cora; so today, Andrea, I may have to step aside, He may be dealing with you instead.

    Because I’m not my own,

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