My Sister, God’s Gift

Back when I was just about 8 years old, I became big sister to Diane. From the time she could walk I took her everywhere with me. I became a Christian when I was 12 and since we didn’t live in a church family, I took her to church with me. She tells me now that sometimes she wanted to hide so I couldn’t find her because she didn’t always want to go to “Jet Cadets,” the children’s Bible Club at the church. I can remember reading the whole book of Genesis to her and making her memorize the geneologies. We would do sword drills (holding the Bible by its binder high in the air, shouting out a verse, shouting “charge” and then seeing who could look the verse up the fastest in her Bible). We’d sing songs, do puppet plays, go camping, oh, any one of a zillion fun activities, together.

Living in a home where the grown-ups were always fighting caused us to become closer than we otherwise might have been. Diane grew up, married a wonderful Christian young man and had a familly of 7 which included 4 daughters and one son. Her husband died when she still had 3 children at home. When that happened, I quit my job teaching nursing about 2 hours drive away from her and moved back into our hometown. These were very difficult times for my sister, but through it all she trusted the Lord to help her. Four years ago she remarried. Only the youngest of her children remained at home and when he graduated from high school a year later, he got his carpentry certification at the local community college. His father had owned a lumber yard and was a carpenter. It was natural for Floyd to do the same. All of my sister’s children have a college degree or a specialized skill and are model adults. She is truly an amazing woman. She says that Mother’s Day is her favorite holiday!

My sister talking with my husband at Christmas

The reason I am telling you about my sister today is because she has a prayer request and I want to ask those who love the Lord and read this blog to join me in praying for my sister, Diane. I am going to post the request exactly as she sent it to her e-mail prayer warriors (which includes me) so you can hear her heart:

I got a call tonight that I am seriously being considered for the job at Infinity and will be getting a call in the next week or 2 to set up an interview.  I really would like the job at Infinity as it is office work, pays about $2 more per hour than Dunkin Donuts, has paid holidays and total health care coverage for myself.  I have been praying about this job for some time. I am asking you to pray as well.  Yes, I want the job at Infinity but I also know that God sees the whole picture and this may not be what He has for me.  So please pray the prayer that never fails, “Thy will be done.”

Diane spent her years as a stay-at-home mom and transportation director via phone for her husband’s business, coordinating lumber deliveries and emergencies needs of carpenters for whom they supplied lumber. She will make a fabulous office person. She has typing, computer and people skills. Will you join me in prayer?

Blessed to be a blessing,



4 comments on “My Sister, God’s Gift

  1. Dawn, as I read our post today, all the love and tenderness you feel oozed out between the words and I could just feel your wrapping your sister in your loving care. Your thoughts of growing up together —– we did the “sword drills,” too! And we did all the memorizing of verses. And we sang all the choruses until we fell asleep. I have the privilege of living right next to one of my sisters now. Who knew when we decided to do this that we would need each other so much as first she went through cancer, and then me?!!! The Lord works things out — I know that for a fact. And He will do that for your sister, too. I’ll be praying for her. Thank you for including us!

  2. Dawn, your sister is an inspiration, too! Yes I will pray, and I can see that you both were cut from the same very, very good cloth!!!! You were blessed to have each other, weren’t you? What a special thing you did to move near her during her time of immediate and huge loss!

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