That extra marshmallow

I sent my son a copy of the story of Kira with the marshmallow. [The story can be found at He said that I didn’t tell his favorite part of the story. His favorite part of the story is when

Kira got her second marshmallow, she gave it to her brother. I didn’t know that, but I think that is extra-special. I pray to do as well with my “excess”.

May God richly bless you today and then you find someone to share His blessings with,



3 comments on “That extra marshmallow

  1. wow! I read the story too – and I think I’m with your son, I think that’s my favorite part too. But the other part – the correlation between being able to put off gratification – I didn’t have that as a child, or a team, or into my 20s –, probably my 30s 😦 maybe not yet still – but I’m much better 🙂 wisdom really does come with getting older does not? I really hearted this Dawn, ((smiling))

    God bless and keep you

    • As the Amish say, Craig, “ve are too soon oldt and too late schmartz.” I’m so happy you dropped by. I just got home at almost midnight and was too tired to reply, but I was smiling that I made you smile. Have a great Monday!

      God be praised and thanked,

  2. Dawn, I am grateful for this reminder to be willing to experience delayed gratification. It can apply to prayers, too, and I needed to hear this. Not all prayers get answered quickly…or even in our own lifetime. I have to be willing for that to be the case.

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