Thankful for my neighborhood

This Multitudes on Monday my post was inspired by Andrea Dawn over at She took different pictures of doors accompanied by dozens of Scriptures about doors and produced an amazing piece of art entitled Open and Shut. When I saw all those doors I thought, “I can take a picture of all the doors in my neighborhood and give thanks for each neighbor!” I was excited. Not only would I have this post for Multitudes on Mondays, but I would also have a pictorial as a reminder to pray for my neighbors each and every day. So today, please join me as I take you on a tour of my neighborhood. I live in the only family dwelling on a block zoned industrial. It’s really good when one has 3 dogs! # 191 I am truly thankful for this “perfect for two” little house. Re-sided in 2004 and the sunroom added on in 2008 where a front porch was previously, it meets all my needs for housing. I can get anywhere in town easily from here without a car. Great location. #192 Diagonally across the street:  the computer store. I thank God for Bryce and his team of tekkies and geeks,always so patient and willing to help when I have a computer glitch. All I have to do is walk across the street and sometimes they even come to me. # 193 Directly across the street from me:Williamsport Mirror and Glass. They have cut glass for me, installed shower doors and given me advice many times. The proprietor of the business even gave my husband, who is a notary, two parking spaces in his lot so we could meet code to open the notary office. My husband’s notary sign is the black square in the front left of the house in the first picture.  # 194 In the rear of the Mirror and Glass Company is my mechanic’s garage.Randy Slonaker takes care of our cars and our daughter’s car. He is good. If you have a good, reliable, honest mechanic, you have a great gift. I am truly thankful for Randy. Not only does he do his job well, he is a great human being. # 195 Behind Slonakers: Sanso ConcreteJohnny Sanso works magic in concrete. He did our sidewalks and curb and he guaranteed his work. When one of the sidewalk squares got a crack in it, he came and re-poured the square. Pride in one’s craft is a rare find and I am thankful I found Johnny. # 196 Next to Mirror and Glass: the city recycling center.For the “small” price of having to listen to the sound of breaking glass 24 hours a day and the dumping truck come at 4 am, I can walk to get rid of my recyclables, and find packing materials and newspaper coupons 24/7. #197  Behind the recycling center and completing that side of the block:  Williamsport Cemetary. I love to walk through it and see all the headstones of the foundersof my city. We were known as the “Lumber Capital of the World” in the beginning. Many prominent families of that era are buried here. Walking through with my oldest grandchild, I can give her a history of what life was like 150 years ago. They, also, mow their own grass. # 198 Across the street from the cemetary taking up that side of the block except for our house:Suscon Plastic Bottle factory. This is one of the few places left that hires line workers and people with minimal skill can get a chance to earn some money. The supervisor took my granddaughter on a tour one summer so I got to see their operation. They keep their property maintained and do not allow their employees to play their radios loud on second shift or gun their cars or screech out on their motorcycles. I am truly thankful for their sensitivity that a family lives next door to them.

My DH and I bought our house in this neighborhood in 1981 as a “cabin” to come to when we needed to get away from parsonage living for a couple of days or for a week-long vacation.     # 199 Our son lived in it while going to the local community college. I will always be thankful we were able to help him get out on his own in this way. # 200 I am thankful we were able to help others over the years who were in some kind of life transition by allowing them to live in it for short periods of time. Little by little over the 20 years that it was not our permanent home my husband and sons fixed it up for our retirement. It has been our home since 2003 and I love every inch of it. Thank you, Jesus!

Blessed beyond what I could ever ask or think,



12 comments on “Thankful for my neighborhood

    • Dear Judith,

      This is my hometown, but I was away from it for a decade. It has changed, but many of the changes were good ones. It’s good to have a sense of history. The older I get the more I appreciate the details. I think a lot of it has to do with knowing the history behind the happenings.

      Enjoy getting to know your “new” place.


  1. This was just so great, Dawn!!!! I loved every word of it. I’ve walked through so many doors since moving here 16 years ago. Your post took my mind up and down the streets here and all the doors. Once again, I feel I’ve come to know you just a little better and I thank you for that. I LOVE your house, and I love the color. Just a beautiful list of gratitudes this morning!

    • Dear Cora,

      I’m glad you love my house. I thought you might. The black raspberry bushes are to the left of the red van in the picture. You can’t see them. The new shoots are to the right of the house to start over in a fungus-less environment, smile. As I began to do this I was amazed at how well I knew everyone around me. There is a joy in that. I could sense the same joy as you stated you had lived 16 years where you are. It’s that sense of marking time with others, I think, and sharing bits of ourselves in that time with them. I’m glad I can share a bit of my time with you today.

      I am blessed when you pass by here,

  2. What a great idea! I was expecting neighbors who were families & individuals, but this really gives a vivid description of how we all affect each other, businesses & individuals alike.

    And you’re right, a trustworthy mechanic is a blessing indeed.

    • Dear Kathleen,

      My nieghborhood is a bit unique in that it is not residential, but individuals make up those businesses and we are blessed by them. Thanks for dropping by.

      In His grace,

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      I loved doing this “project”. It caused me to see my neighbors from all different perspectives through the camera’s lens. I am no photographer, but I think readers can get the feel for my little street here. Thanks for stopping by to check it out. I was hoping you would since you were my inspiration.

      Because He lives,

  3. Dawn, I loved this, too! Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with us! Your house looks charming! It looks like it would be bursting with good things. It is fun to see who is in your neighborhood who your neighbors are! it makes me think of Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood) and somehow I think you are like him in those good, wholesome yet real ways that make for people gems. You are a people gem and you shared with us your setting. I can just imagine the smell of gingerbread or some equally cozy food wafting from your windows.

    • Dear A.,

      Thanks for perusing through here and leaving your bouquets of comments. You certainly must have had incredible parents. They instilled in you strength for the hard times and a positive outlook so you would not be discouraged and lost heart. I love that our paths have crossed. He will see us through!

      Hugs and Godly grace,

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