Revolutionary Gratitude

It is a special Multitudes on Monday here in the United States. Today is Independence Day for us and as I pondered that fact, I was puzzled by the word revolution as in Revolutionary War. I looked it up in the dictionary and found the meaning that was puzzling me “the act of circling around a center”. As I read further, however, there was a special definition when the word concerns governments or social systems. In this case it means, “the act of one government or social system completely replacing the other”. Now, that made sense to me! As I thought about revolutionary, I was struck with the fact that giving thanks for everything is revolutionary. Gratitude brings the Kingdom of God into a situation and completely replaces the dominion of darkness. As a result, the thankful person experiences their own personal Independence Day, independence from fear, worry, hatred, bitterness, and depression. What better reason to give thanks than this so today I thank God for

#201   my forefathers who gave so much that I might experience on earth a bit of the freedom of heaven.

#202    a new outlook on suffering. In my age bracket (the 60-somethings) there can be a lot of pain, suffering and awakening to what, on the surface, appears to be  a series of losses until one is called Home. To see these as chances to grow exponentially and, therefore, times to be thankful has been truly a blessing. I don’t try to get through them just to get relief, but, instead look for the lesson in the journey and choose to be sensitive to God in the midst of it all. So when the varicose veins in my legs throb, I praise Him.

The varicose veins on my legs

#203    young people and strong older people who come alongside the weaker instead of criticizing them or mocking them.

#204    a community of like-minded “soldiers” who prepare their “weapons of thanksgiving” and have a battle plan of victory in their spirits before they go out to meet the world every day.

#205   every time I meet with opposition, I get another opportunity to die to self. This is a big one for me. I am prideful. If I get hurt a little less every time, I count that as gain. A dead person can not get hurt.

#206   that I know the ending of my story. I know that He has paid the price for my salvation. A clear victory is not usually assured when engaged in battle, but this one is.

#207   my dog, Sebastian, gets enjoyment out of every day even though he can not hear, has deep cataracts and forgets where he is sometimes. In the morning when I take him to his familiar path to run freely, he runs like a puppy. It makes me smile and clap my hands when he comes running up for a hug.

#208   that you came by today to celebrate Independence Day. Without you, I would have no reason to post this. I would probably have a private journal instead, but I would be so much poorer if that were the case. When you visit me and I, in turn, can visit you and see what you are thankful for, our combined praises fill the heavenlies and that unleashed power changes the world by changing us. Now that is change you can believe in!

Just one of the Multitude,



8 comments on “Revolutionary Gratitude

  1. Gratitude is revolutionary . . . love this! And that is one revolutionary war we can all sign up for regardless of age, gender, physical ability, etc. Blessings to you and yours on your Independence Day.

    • Dear Andrea,

      It was I who was inspired by your lovely Canadian Day blog. You are a photographic artist. I wish I could see things more artfully and, as I tell Susan, say things more artfully, but I am a researcher and essayist by design. I will not ccmplain why the Potter made me thus, I will simply do what He’s made me to do and enjoy your artsy gifts to me. That is enjoy with capital letters: ENJOY, such joy they give me!

      Resting in His grace,

  2. I, too, like that word, revolutionary, linked up with gratitude.When I think of how my life has changed in these weeks of “counting,” it has been revolutionary. And as Andrea said, we can ALL sign up. I just loved your list today, Dawn. It made me better able to really SEE this holiday and FEEL my freedoms. Thank you!

    • Dearest Cora,

      Me too! My life has been changed by thanksgiving and the counting up of my blessings, even those I used to count as curses. It’s so freeing to see everything as giving God glory!

      Laying all at the cross (but counting them first) for His glory,

  3. Gosh it is revolutionary to turn to this blog and be so utterly blessed each time by all you each share! Heaven will be such a perfect place with you all there!
    On this Independence Day I will remember that it is IN HIM I DEPEND for my very being…

  4. Especially love 205! Love that photo, too! So odd that the more we die to those selfish things, the more we truly become free.

  5. Hi A,,

    I chuckled when you said you liked # 205. When I came across that photo at I was so happy. It says visually what I wanted to say in words. Love it!

    and you,

  6. What a concept…. our combined praises fill the heavenlies and that unleashed power … circles around the Throne (center.) I never knew this definition and it makes Thanksgiving even more powerful. I’m thankful for God’s amazing love and your words that fill my heart. Praising with you! Liz

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