Scripture and Snapshot – # 4

I love to hear Amy Grant sing this verse. The phrase in the song that is especially meaningful to me is “when I feel afraid, when I’ve lost my way, still You’re there close beside me. Nothing will I fear, as long as you are near, please be near me to the end.”

Memorizing Colossians 2 verses per week for a year,



3 comments on “Scripture and Snapshot – # 4

  1. Dawn, I love the verse and the picture. When I was a kid, I was part of the Pioneer Girls, A christian group for girls. I’m not even sure if it is still going, but at that time, it was a big thing. I was so proud of my uniform and the badges I had earned. This verse was our theme verse, and every week we started our meetings with it. I never forgot how it was explained to us: That the “lamp onto my feet” meant that we could trust it to show us the next step for our foot to take, and the “light unto my path” meant the more general direction ahead of us — the way we were headed. It was this verse that was central to what the group did — always lining up with God’s Word, memorizing verses, applying it to our relationships with each other and with Him. I see that group of girls every time I read or hear that verse. Some of them, I have kept in touch with over all these years.

    I have been afraid, I have lost my way, but I can truly say, He’s always been there with a lamp and light —- His Word! And it has never failed me yet.

    • Katie,

      Thanks for this wonderful idea to share with one another in this way. It’s fun and keeps me more observant of things around me.

      Thanks, also, for stopping by to visit,

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