This Monday I give thanks for Jessica

I am the proud grandmother of an 11-year-old granddaughter. She is the first of the grandchildren as I was the first of the grandchildren for my paternal grandmother. She is the kind of child who can make herself content in whatever situation she finds herself. To me, that is an invaluable trait and so I am thankful first of all,

#209 for Jessica’s contentment. I am growing older and I am not the spry grandmother I had hoped to be when Jessica was born. I was able to take her kayaking and dancing and into many active situations. I am no longer able to do that, but she’s ok reading and making cards and playing board games.  Sometimes we don’t talk, just being in the same room together doing our own thing is enough.

#210 I am thankful for Jessica’s intellect, but, more importantly, I am thankful that she has learned that her abilities are not her own, that they were given to her from God and they are to be used to build the Kingdom. She is always helpful to others, does not disrespect others when it may take them longer to learn a concept than it takes her. She corrects gently and age-appropriately. I really hate it when a child corrects an adult or says, “That’s not the way it happened” or corrects a detail in a story that is not necessary to the story’s outcome.

#211 I am thankful that Jessica has no physical impairments, not that having one would make her less of a person. In fact it may make her develop a deeper character, but I am thankful she does not have to struggle in that way. However, because she does not have a physical struggle, she will have to sensitize herself to the physical needs of others in different ways. Since I am physically limited, I pray to be a helpful grandmother in this way. We will have talks about that.

#212 I am thankful I will have time the next two weeks to spend one-on-one time with Jessica. I remember the great talks I had with my grandmothers and I am privileged to now have my time as the grandmother. The Lord is good.

#213 I am thankful Jessica has a mother and father that see value in family members sharing across the generations. They live 3 1/2 hours away from here so it would be easy for them to simply say it is too far to drive, but, instead, they take off a day of work and drive her to be with me.

#214 I am thankful for Jessica because she made me a grandmother. There are no words to describe what being a grandmother is like. It is truly the icing on the cake of life. A grandmother is someone with lots of experiences to share and if one has a granddaughter that wants to know a lot about everything like mine does, it is great to have a couple generations separating you. What you lack in intellect, you more than make up for in mere longevity and, with that, experiential knowing.  I like how God planned that!

#215 I am thankful that Jessica loves Jesus and she wants her Pop Pop to baptize her this summer on her birthday. It will be the day we celebrate her physical birth and now it will have special meaning as it commemorates the day she gave witness to her life in Christ. I am sad that the man whose pond we were going to use f9r the baptism just found out he has a brain tumor. We are praying for him.

#216 I am thankful she likes to go biking. We start out in the morning and ride till noon. Once we hit the high temps of the day, we slow down and rest, doing crafts and puzzles and games. All the while,  we laugh together…

She comes this Thursday!!!! I thank God for Jessica this Multitudes on Mondays. Sharing my gratitude within the community! Halleluia!



4 comments on “This Monday I give thanks for Jessica

  1. Just beautiful, Dawn! I felt the buttons on your heart popping with pride and love and anticipation. And the baptism??? What an extra special blessing!!! I’ve gone through your post twice now, as it was just “extra special” today! Thank you!

  2. Dawn, this post says and teaches and explains so much with so few words. it is a beautiful snapshot of healthy living! Jessica sounds like someone I would love to meet. I can imagine the fun you two must have!

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