Issachar’s Loft

Soooo Dawn is very afraid of heights. I mean, if I look through a view finder at a slide of a deep canyon, I get panicky. It is totally illogical, but I do. So I was a little concerned when I had planned a day at Issachar’s Loft on the Messiah College campus for my first year college students and, then, the day arrived. I had heard they challenge you and stretch you to do more than you ever expect you can do. They do NOT, however, push you into your ultraviolet zone where panic sets in and you collapse. At the Loft they have low and high experiences. I don’t know if they mean actual heights or if they mean the depth of the experience. At any rate, I was bound to participate in something that day. I do not ask students to do what I will not. I was really glad when Dave Tanis, who lead my class through the exercises, chose to have each person climb to the top of a step ladder…You see the picture above? That’s way into my ultraviolet zone. When faced with the ladder I said to myself, “OK, Dawn, you can do this…one step at a time.” The students lined up in two lines behind me buddy-style, and then they intertwined their arms stretched out toward each other. I. WAS. SUPPOSED. TO. FALL. STRAIGHT. BACKWARDS. INTO. THEIR ARMS!? Here goes nothing…

Now, you have to understand that I thought I climbed that ladder valiantly, calmly; you know, so students would see there was nothing to worry about. After the fall, I got up and became a catcher and I was pretty dog-gone pleased with myself. After all the students had a chance to experience the fall, we had a debriefing session: a time when people shared how they felt during the experience. One of the first young women to share said, “I knew I could do it when I saw how petrified Dr. Blanchard was (that’s me)  and she went right ahead and did it anyway.”

How could this be? I thought I had been so cool! Well, apparently not. Those old non-verbals will give us away every time. I’m posting this on Walk with Him Wednesday for the topic of humility. I was humbled that day and in my weakness others gained courage. “when you are weak, then you are strong…” it’s that old upside-down kingdom again! Praise be!

Have a blessed one,



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