Sometimes your job is to be quiet

I was reading Joshua today in the Bible, the part where Joshua is giving the Israelites instructions on how to take Jericho. He was very clear. They were to march around Jericho in a certain formation following those who were blowing trumpets and behind the Ark of the Covenant. They were told not to make a sound just to march. This reminded me a lot of the book Bruchko which tells the story of young Bruce Olson who went to the Bari tribes in Venezuela and Columbia to tell them about Jesus. After spending seven years with the tribal people, he had not yet been able to tell them about Jesus. When he asked God about it, he was told to simply live the Gospel among them and he would know when it was the time to tell them. So Bruce trusted God and, just like the Israelites, remained silent.

Being quiet does not mean doing nothing. Being quiet leaves more space for listening and it can demonstrate obedience. Bruce Olson knew God for he had seen God move many times. This was just one more…so. he. waited…

SEVEN years

Then, one day, while walking through the jungle with the Bari people he slashed through an area of growth and the banana leaves fell open in such a way that all the people stopped. At that moment the people asked Bruce to tell them about his God. Incredulous, he asked God, “Now?” Bruce shared the story of Jesus and the people arranged for him to tell the others that were not there. Upon hearing the Word, the whole tribe accepted Jesus at once. The years of silence were very important. The tribe believes that if something is very valuable the person who has the valuable thing will not speak of it. The fact that no one knew that Bruce had the story of God in him and they had all known him for years was evidence of the value of what he carried!

Joshua marched the silent people around Jericho 6 days and on the seventh he told them to

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and the city was taken in one day!

God saves people. We are merely His instruments. Sometimes instruments sound notes. Sometimes instruments count through rests. The whole piece can be messed up if an instrument plays when it is supposed to rest. God is the conductor. He will give us our cues, but we must be alert and ready. He may ask us to play after a hard day’s trek in the jungle or after 6 days of marching…one never knows!

“Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9



8 comments on “Sometimes your job is to be quiet

  1. Dawn, your word (or should I say, a word from GOD) came just at the right moment for me today. Thank you so much!!!! I have been struggling for a week, agonizing in prayer, as to what I would say tonight. I really thought I would have to say something, answer something, make something right. To be quiet! My answer! And with it comes peace!!!!! Thank you, Dawn!

  2. When I need a lesson, God takes me through a series (usually) of instances to get that lesson across. This particular lesson for me was that I do not always have to act, that in order for Him to act sometimes I have to not act. In order for Him to move, I have to get out of the way. He took me to Joshua and Bruchko and then, there it was, my post (His post to me, tHe post). I praise Him for helping you, too, through it all!

    Are we not two peas in a pod?

  3. What a great lesson.that .being quiet can be effective and used for the glory of God. Powerful!

    We haven’t made it to Punta Gorda yet so we haven’t met your friends…hopefully one day we will make that long drive to check out the city and their inn.

    • Dear Alida,
      Be sure to look up Karol and Larry when you make the trip south. They are absolutely marvelous and love the Lord with all their hearts. They have quite a network in Belize, too, and will be able to hook you up with almost anyone. They are fluent in Ketchi (spelling) and raised their two sons and daughter among the Maya Indians in a thatched-roof hut with no electricity. Karol was the interpreter for the film crew making the movie The Enemy God last year in Belize.

      God bless you as you serve the Lord in Belize,

  4. Dawn, this is a powerful story and I am glad you shared it. I think it has been at least 35 years since I read the story, maybe not quite, so I had forgotten this aspect. Wow!

    I am also happy for you that you evidently had such a nice two weeks with your granddaughter. What a rich blessing for both of you! She sounds like a gem of a child!

    • Dear A.,

      It is SO very good to hear from you. I have missed you. Jessica is, indeed, a gem of a child. She is smart, witty and, best of all, a child of character. What a wonder that God chose her to me MY granddaughter. I am truly thankful.

      Hugs as I rush to get ready for a World Breastfeeding Week event at the hospital,


  5. Oh Dawn, you have no idea how much this message means to me… a marvelous story and lesson… God bless you and your precious family muchly… you have blessed ours with your thoughts today.

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