Working with Nature to Beat the Effects of the Fall

My dear fellow blogger, Craig, over at Deep into Love has been asking all of us what we would leave out of Eden if we had a chance to create our own Eden. If you want a fun comment section, you really must go over there. Click the link to Deep into Love over at the right to get there. It seems to us fallen ones that there are un-necessaries in creation that we have to deal with since the fall. Craig says brown recluse spiders are tops on his list. Others have mentioned most bugs, snakes and I chimed in with scorpions. Laska, Craig’s love kitty, would be highly discriminating as to which dogs he would allow in.

I have wonderful friends who practice sustainable agriculture. Eric graduated from Harvard in sustainable agriculture after designing his own degree program since there was none in existence there. He met his wife Anne during a summer internship on a Celestial Seasonings organic herb farm. She was his boss. Fortunately for me, they found land cheap here in my home area and have farmed an organic vegetable “patch” of 6 acres for the past two decades. Anyone in the sustainable field of agriculture know of Ann and Eric Nordell. They have developed the science of “weedless” farming and have become internationally known speakers in the sustainable movement. Anne and Eric use every bit of creation in their farming, and, after years of studying each species’ contribution to the process of vegetable gardening, they’ve developed natural methods to substantially decrease the number of invasions by parasites, rummaging mammals and damaging fungi. Eric uses fencing of his own design that folds out like a stadium bleacher around his acreage. Deer are unable to jump its span. When the season is over he folds the fence into itself so it’s almost invisible from a distance, AND to let the animals freely come and go.

In the July 16 World magazine there was a snippet about Kenyan farmers struggling to protect their crops from elephants. It is a sure bet that Anne and Eric never had to contend with that problem on their farm. It seems, however, that the elephant population in Kenya has been rising over the past 20 years and it has become an increasing problem for Kenyans to go out to their fields and find them decimated by the hungry pachyderms who had had a royal feast on the tomatoes, potatoes and maize in the farmers’ absence. The solution to the problem was found in nature. Elephants are naturally afraid of insects (this sounds like the Deep into Love commenters) so Oxford researchers suspended beehives from a wire fence every 100 yards around the Kenyan farmers’ fields and the elephants stopped their raids! Thank you, Jesus! In addition, the African farmers also found they garnered additional income from selling the honey produced by their elephant repellers.

My husband says the point of all this is, “If you have a problem with elephants, go check out some local bees.” My interpretation of that comment: Nature has built within her, the solutions to our problems. What we must do is pay attention. Think about that, even while God was making Eden, He was packing solutions into the creation for use after the fall. That leads me to another thought, but that is another blog.

Love to all of you who pass by. It’s good to be back.

Walking with God because of His mercy and grace,



3 comments on “Working with Nature to Beat the Effects of the Fall

  1. What a great post, Dawn! I love hearing about natural remedies for all kinds of problems and always come away amazed at God’s provision, foresight, creativity and sense of humour.

    • I wish they’d send you “on assignment” to get pictures of all the different natural ways that people farm or garden. It would be spectacular!!! Just a snap of those bee hives every 100 yards would be great to see.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message,

  2. Imagine if someone had taken bees out of Eden… the elephants would have free roam in the veggie gardens in Kenya now!
    I look forward to God’s new Eden… Zion, His holy mountain… there will be no more sin there and I think that is the one thing I would have removed from my Eden so that we could live happily ever after.
    one glorious day Jesus will indeed take us to such a place!

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