Scripture and a Snap Shot #8

As many of you know, I had my granddaughter for a visit the past 2 weeks. You may also know that I have a commitment to learn the entire book of Colossians (two verses each week) by the end of the year. I use a computer program called Scripture Typer to help me learn my verses each week. It allows me to type the verse into it and systematically corrects me as I make mistakes during the typing. It will also give me hints if I need them to keep going, but I am penalized if I use those hints. Anyway, my granddaughter saw me typing 2 full chapters of Colossians into Scripture Typer and she wanted to try it, too! Well, what does a proud and wise grandmother do when a child wants to learn Scripture? She gets her signed up right away. Jessica chose to learn the first chapter of Genesis and, therefore, we were steeped in Genesis the last week of July. Here is our rendering of Genesis 1:12. Enjoy!

For Scripture and a Snapshot,

Dawn (and Jessica)

PS Today is Jessica’s birthday. She is 11 years old! She wanted her Pop Pop to baptize her for her birthday. I will have pictures posted if you come back tomorrow!


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