Iron Sharpens Iron – Scripture and a Snapshot #9

These are two of the ironmen in my church. Dennis and Ed are two of the dearest, wisest, most God-fearing men I have ever known. I am privileged to have them in my life and proud to present them to you on this my ninth week in the Scripture & a Snapshot Community. May you know the joy of being who God wants you to be.

Because of His mercy,


This is the most popular depiction of an ironman in pop culture. Are the qualities comparable?

15 comments on “Iron Sharpens Iron – Scripture and a Snapshot #9

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Dawn. It makes me want to meet them! I hope they get to see your post. I would have to say at this point in my life, you and your posts are one of my ‘ironmen’ (ironperson? πŸ™‚ Iron woman! πŸ™‚ Seriously, Dawn. I appreciate and am grateful to you for that.

    • Thanks for coming by, Brenda, and for leaving a comment. I took a copy of this to church with me today and it seems that I’ll be making some copies to hand out. I’m blessed just knowing others were blessed by this photo and scripture.
      You simply can’t out-give the Lord.

      Have a great day in Him,

  2. For me, there has been no greater gift given in my life than men who have learned wisdom from God and have the gift of sharing it. Women tend to be “wordy,” animated, lots of feelings, etc. Men??? When they have something to say that is really important, there is usually a sigh, a deep pause. . . and then a few carefully chosen words that go right where they need to go. They leave you with just that, don’t ask for immediate answers, and you seem to always remember what they told you. Whether it be a short, little story, a proverb, a fitting Scripture verse (that seems to be spoken with the eyes as well as the tongue), or a reproof, they always leave you silent with your thoughts. And somehow, you know that you have been “sharpened.” I’d love to hear these two. You know, I’m sure there will be park benches along the streets of Heaven. I’ll be looking for you there, Dawn!

    • I first heard this verse in a song on a Debbie Boone album from the 1980’s called Friends for Life. It always stuck with me. I’m glad I was able to bring it to you!

      Thanks for letting me know,

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