Max returns to phone

My husband and I went to the phone store to get new cell phones. Yes, that is correct, we just got phones. They ring and we answer, no internet, no bells and whistles…and no Max!!!! Max has been my husband’s cell phone wallpaper since he got that cell phone almost 3 years ago. Max will be 3 years old in January 2012. This is his newborn picture. When my husband switched phones, he switched companies also and when the saleswoman tried to reload Max onto my husband’s new phone, she said the image had degraded and he was

“No, ” my husband said, “He can’t be gone.”

The woman looked him squarely in the eye and said, “Hey, you can take another picture. Chill.”

My husband said, “No, I can’t. Max is not a baby anymore. I can’t get a picture of him like that any more.”

I said, “Hey, wait, I took that picture with my phone. I must have it on my camera. I looked the saleswoman in the eye. “Can you send it to his new phone?” (Neither my husband nor I know about this stuff. Where is a 5th grader when you need one?)

The saleswoman mentioned something about blue teeth and flash,

there was Max back on my husband’s phone. My husband cradled his new phone with the old picture. He was happy again. Change comes hard for him so this was a definite plus. When the text message came to my phone to rate the saleswoman who sold us our new phones, I gave her a 10 out of 10. There’s nothing like a happy husband cradling his cell phone with grandson’s picture uploaded unless it is having the husband and grandson actually cradling each other.

Heaven on earth this Walk with Him Wednesday,



3 comments on “Max returns to phone

  1. Dawn, I understand this completely as I cradle my three gran kiddies in my arms here in South Africa. God is indeed an awesome God and I give Him a 10 out of 10 for bringing me to this amazing land to share incredible days with my daughter and her little loves. At court yesterday the judge gave her legal foster care, after two years of having them without paperwork now this is a positive step towards adoption. Please pray with us for a smooth procession so these kiddies can be safe in her care, without fear of returning to former abusive circumstances.
    God’s love is outstanding…
    Blessings to your husband and his ‘Max’ and a big hug to you as well

  2. Dear Dear Susan,

    I don’t think I could have had any greater joy than seeing you had left a comment here during my night. I am so happy to hear you made it safely to South Africa and are with your daughter and those grand-kids, My how wonderful it must be! Having adopted from the Caribbean, I know how the heart aches to see children with no choices and no futures. Praise the Lord for these three becoming family through your daughter. I pray you will be able to get a picture to place with one of your beautiful poems.

    MUCH love,

  3. tonight the girls, age four and five played a bongo each at the praise practice for the Salvation Army church in the heart of poor Jo’burg where my daughter has found sweet fellowship. They just slid in and played and sang and danced in their pure childlike way… a team of all colours precious in His sight, worshipping together, all ages,… single purpose… to prepare their hearts to minister the love of Jesus to a hurting people, a people thirsty and coming to be filled…
    I am astounded at the faith found in this ‘Africa’
    I pray these little ones will hold fast to this Love, always

    When I get home my heart will unravel all this ‘fullness’ into words and pictures…
    Love to you Dawn

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