August August

August (adjective) from the online dictionary – inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic

Today is Monday. Those of us in Ann Voskamp’s community intentionally give thanks on Mondays in a list and share our lists with one another. Today my list centers around the month of August. It seems my family is very busy in August. We have 5 birthdays, 2 anniversaries and it is the month both sides of the family have a reunion. I want to take each day and give special thanks for what is special about that day in our lives. #244 – #250

August 6 – Harry and Stephanie’s anniversary – I am thankful for my older son, Harry and his wonderful wife, Stephanie. I remember when my husband pastored during the 1980s. Stephanie was 6 years old when we arrived. Our son was almost 10. It seems like the moment she saw him, she loved him. For 10 years this cheer leader, prom queen, every-man’s-dream girl tagged along with my son and his friends in the church youth group. One day at church camp [I was the camp nurse] my son came to me and said, “Mom, I think I feel more for Stephanie than that she is this kid that just tags along after me everywhere. Do you think she would go to the camp final dinner with me?” I thought to myself, “Well, of course she would. She’s loved you since she was in first grade.” but I simply said, “Why don’t you ask her?” The rest is history. They were married on the 7th anniversary of that first date. This is a picture of them today. I know he loves her more today than when he married her.

August 7 – My oldest grand-daughter was born on this day. The first grandchild is special since this ushers you into a whole new world. Grandparenting is the icing on the cake of life and Jessica is a real special icing. When she was dedicated as a baby the minister said, “She will be a child of peace.” She certainly is that and much more. This year she professed publicly Jesus as her Savior and had her Pop Pop baptize her in the creek by the church. It made all our hearts glad.

August 12 – Stephanie was my first daughter-in-law. She married my oldest son after 7 years of dating. I talked about her under their wedding anniversary above. It is difficult to see Stephanie as an in-law because she grew up in and around my house. She is really like my daughter. In fact, I thought at one point when Harry went off to live on his own and study electronics that they may go their separate ways and I didn’t know what I would do if I never saw her. I need not have worried. They were married and now she is the mother of 2 of my grandsons. She teaches middle school special education. Her excellence as a teacher is only surpassed by her excellence as a mother. She is dedicated and would not teach outside the home at all if she didn’t have to to maintain her certification. She loves summertime. You will never find her without her boys when she’s not teaching school.

August 23 – My daughter, Joyce , was born in a hut on the island of St Vincent in the Caribbean. My husband and I were there on a short-term mission project to re-roof a church, repair and paint the interior of the church and help with a Bible School for 200 kids. Joyce’s mother died in childbirth one of the evenings we were there. There was no food for her since her mother died in childbirth so they had laid her aside in the hut…to die. In 5 days we were able to get the paperwork done to adopt her and the rest is history. She will celebrate her 31st birthday this year.

August 28 – My sister, Debby and her husband, Bob were married 25 years ago this month. My sister says she hopes Bob makes it. He is very ill. He had a diagnosis of lung cancer 16 years ago. He’s lived cancer-free without one lung for all these years. The overwork of the heart and one lung over that time, however, has left him very weak and he is dying. They are both thankful that he has had the 16 years that the removal of the lung gave him. They are quite the couple, continually caring for others while they deal with their own deep valleys.

August 30 – Harry was born today and, being he was my first child, it was quite memorable. I still can’t believe they let me walk out of that hospital with a baby in my arms! I didn’t know anything about taking care of a baby. He does so remind me of my father, though, in his wonderful way with people, his ability to always know what is needed and get someone to get it done, and his ability to talk his way out of not doing what he doesn’t want to do. He’s an extremely hard worker who will not quit till all is perfect and in order. He and his family live debt-free because of his expert planning and determination. This positioning allows them to give themselves and their time to helping others. I couldn’t be prouder.

August 31 – My sister-in-law, Paula, was born in a suburb of Boston just for my husband’s brother, Ralph. What a welcome addition to the family. She is a real leader type. She can think on her feet and is resourceful enough to put any conceived plan into action. She is loyal and will defend you like a bear protecting her cubs. She is also intelligent and I love picking through her latest ideas and thoughts. Over the past year she has lost almost 1/3 of her entire person and she loves to hike and bike and walk. Having Paula around is always joyous and energizing. I’m so glad she’s my “sister”.

Giving thanks for all God gave me who make August so august every year,



6 comments on “August August

  1. What a great post, Dawn!!!!! So positive, full of love and light. Just what I needed today. As I began reading these dates, I thought I would pick a favorite, but how could I????? I felt like I wanted to hug each of them. But I was drawn to the last, your sister. Only because of the weight loss thing. I’m struggling, but have managed to slowly lose 100 pounds over the past two years. I still have a ways to go, but this encouraged me today.

    A whole month of gratitudes! Just perfect!

    • You are my hero, Cora! Losing 100 pounds over two years is quite a feat. I am aware how difficult that is (I only had to lose 40 and it was all I could do). I hope you continue on. My prayer would be that you don’t have to lose any body parts to do it, though.

      Love you,

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      Thanks for the beautiful Vineyard song over at Craig’s. It’s one I had never heard and it is a keeper. I am so glad I found you, thanks to Susan!


  2. How sweet that your son’s wife loved him from little like that! I pray for my children’s spouses from the time they were babies! What a blessing your family is and it’s nice to see someone who appreciates this! I’m glad I stopped by, it was inspiring reading your post. Blessings, Tina

    • Yes, Tina, Stephanie and Harry could write a good book. Some day you will have such pleasures as your children become adults. They are blessed to have a praying mother.

      Kisses are blown your way to place on the cheeks of your little ones,

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