Scripture and a Snapshot #10 – Ecclesiastes 3:1

I well remember the song Turn Turn Turn by the Byrds. I was really swept away by the British influence in pop music in the 1960’s. Today I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast this morning (and it is only 8:30 am now) but I remember all the lyrics to hundreds of pop songs from that time in my life. I think that song was the first time I ever heard there was a book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. I was a young Christian and was just learning. Knowing the song Turn Turn Turn enabled me to learn a whole section of Scripture easily and it is still with me today.

When I looked out my kitchen window into my backyard and saw these toadstools underneath my lilac bush it looked like a fairyland to me. I went out and snapped this picture. Today as I look out at the same lilac bush the toadstools are gone. To everything there is a season…

Blessed Sunday,



6 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #10 – Ecclesiastes 3:1

  1. Sweet Dawn… when we are so weighted down by heavy things (as in your recent post) it is difficult to know which is purpose, where did the laughter go, when will the tears stop, or why do seasons change so dratically. My words are not often finding their way to blog posts these days, but my prayers storm heaven on your behalf. You are a deep, refreshing blessing and I give thanks for you as I ask God to be gentle with you and to hold you close.

  2. Dawn… I agree with Liz.. you are a deep refreshing blessing! Thank you for walking with Jesus and sharing your heart, always refreshed by His gracious sweet Spirit. Love your snapshot and I relate totally to your thoughts on Turn turn turn,,, could be me!

  3. Dawn, I am so with those above me here! You just don’t know what a blessing you are to me!!!! We are getting old enough to really understand that song . . . and that passage of Scripture. We’ve seen the seasons of life come and go — some so wonderful, some so very hard and difficult. Some gave, some took away. Yet, here we are, looking back on it all as a whole, and this is what it has made us — the person we see in the mirror. And we come full circle to the “ALL things (times and seasons) work together for good. . .” Loved the picture so much! I REALLY miss lilac bushes!!!!!!

  4. This verse carries with it such hope! As Christian’s we know the reality is, we will either soon be entering a trail, are currently in a trial or are just getting out of a trial. So thankful that God holds us in the palm of His hand! Blessings to you, Dawn.

  5. Yes, yes, yes. Seasons, and sometimes change comes quickly and unexpectedly and then does so again, abruptly. Life survival techniques are so critical! I was just reading in An Altar in the World, by the very creative writer, Barbara Brown Taylor, about spiritual survival skills for the times we experience wilderness in our lives. i think some of our seasons occur in the wilderness, don’t you? I love how you got to memorize the seasons using song, too! What perfect timing for the Byrds and you!

    And, because I am visual and love aspects of artsy…I love the fresh greenery contrasted with the woodsiness in your photo and the pops of white mushrooms! Pretty photo!

  6. Dear Ones who read here,

    I responded to each and everyone of you late last night, but somehow nothing got posted. I think my internet server was down and I did not know it. When I hit reply to each of you it went, but I can see this morning that none of what I replied to you is here. I wanted you to know that I appreciate each and every detail of your comments and I grieve the loss of my exchanges with you because I know it takes effort to leave these comments. I want you to know they bless my heart!

    Love you all,

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