Be still and know

On this Walk with Him Wednesday I wanted to share with you how I’m learning to

and know that God is God. I began blogging regularly when Ann Voskamp challenged her readers to name the year 2011 and come up with a resolution. Then, I pre-ordered her book and it was a longggg 3 weeks till it came. Throughout the winter I read and learned about living in the NOW. Why in the NOW, you ask? Because it is really the only time I have! It is now or nothing; now here or nowhere. Waiting for a future time for happiness is a pipe dream. If I soak up all that is right in front of me now, attend to the details and respond to the needs, then, I will really live. But if I fail to see what is right in front of me, do not attend to the details in the moment and trip over the needs lined up right at my door, I might as well be dead. God wants me to S~L~O~W down, take time and be. Be what? Whatever He needs at the moment.

I have come to realize that life is not an emergency. I do not have to run around and put out fires. Life is a journey of some length and I can not hurry any of it lest I miss it altogether. Oh, that I’d have come to this sooner. I would have rocked babies more, played games more, went to parks more, “you name it’ more… I think I would have been in community more, too, letting others gift me with their talents in exchange for lending them mine. Because of the Great Exchange of Jesus’ life for mine, I walk with Him this Wednesday.

Upon a life I did not live
Upon a death I did not die—
Another’s life, Another’s death
I stake my whole eternity.

                                     —Amy Carmichael

Keeping “in tune” through the God-inspired Third World Symphony,


6 comments on “Be still and know

    • Dear Nicole,

      These ideas are an accumulation of the thoughts I found most helpful from Ann Voakamp’s book one thousand giftswhich you see me reading on my blog site. It is incredible what I am learning as I slow down incrementally. Thanks for stopping by and subscribing. I have a bunch of great readers who are here almost daily. I hope you will find it a welcome place to be, too.


  1. For being a person who seeks aloneness a LOT, I’m not good at being still. Dawn, if you have learned the art of “stillness,” then you have learned a great thing, believe me. I have longed for still moments. Yes, I have QUIET moments when there is no noise around me, but I long for the quiet and stillness WITHIN me. It seems that my mind never stops thinking —- it goes,and goes and goes. . . . . .

    I love Amy Carmichael. I discovered her writing as a teen, and have read and reread her writings. Thank you for that quote today as it meant a lot.

    You are so right about life not being an emergency! We worry about things that never come to be, we get upset over things we can’t even remember months down the line, and stuff that looks so big and dark ahead of us are soon small and disappearing in the rear view mirror. And all the time we spent fretting over it all could have been spent smiling, hugging, and loving and serving those around us.

    Ann’s book has changed us all, hasn’t it? I feel I’ve learned how to stand still long enough to watch a leaf grow!!!!!

    • Dear Cora,

      Both my sisters and my husband say they can’t turn their minds off. Now you say it, too. Perhaps I am the odd one, but I’m happy to be able to rest at the end of a hard day. You’ve learned to stand still long enough to watch a leaf grow. That’s really long Cora. Good for you!

      Still before Him,

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