More lost boys?

My heart is breaking. I have mourned the loss of lives in Darfur, Sudan and the persistence of what has been called genocide at the hands of President Basir. The International Court has found him guilty of crimes against humanity, but has no power to arrest him so he goes on. This time to South Kordofan, on the border between the two new countries of North Sudan and South Sudan. I mentioned the book They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky about the Lost Boys of the Sudan in a previous post. When Basir’s government bombed the villages in the 1980’s the boys out watching the family’s animals were not in the villages and so there were hundreds of boys ages 3 – in their teen years who were orphaned. They walked across the desert to refugee camps in bordering countries. Today it is happening again.

The politics is disgusting. China, the biggest player in the scenario, wants Sudanese oil and has made fat deals with Basir in exchange for that oil. What can the US say when China owns quite a percentage of our treasury notes and has basically lost all respect for us with the debt we have incurred since the new millenium.

One of the Lost Boys from Darfur said he thought the reason they were suffering is that God grew tired of them. My heart aches for their suffering: not only the suffering of their physical bodies, but also the suffering of abandonment (by parents, government, and most importantly, they believe, their God). Aid organizations have been forbidden to go into South Kordofan where the people have lost homes, crops, wells, and lives. Whole families have taken up residence in caves and small children hide in rock crevices to avoid the bombs.

Praying for the people of the Sudan,



One comment on “More lost boys?

  1. God never grows tired of the oppressed… one day they shall be satisfied in Him. Until then my heart aches with them and our vials of tears reach to the throne of God … He will have mercy… He will
    Thanks Dawn for sharing this post to so clearly and vividly remind our hearts…

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