Scripture and a Snapshot #12 – Malachi 3:10

This Scripture is a financial one. It has to do with bringing the tithes and offerings into the house of the Lord. God says “the whole nation of you” is robbing me. He says test me in this. If you give me my due I will prevent pests from devouring your crops and I will prevent the grapes from falling from their vines.

If you honor me with your sustenance all nations will call you blessed.

So I sit here today after 3 days of flooding in my state, BIG flooding. People lost homes, cities lost bridges and the countryside lost roads. Many are suffering. Some friends of mine in Texas have not had rain ALL summer. The corn is gone. Wildfires ignite spontaneously in the parched fields and in housing developments. And in the midwest and south tornadoes did the same thing in late spring. Many suffered and continue to suffer their losses. I rocked in my house for 10 seconds through my first ever earthquake.

I wonder about all this and I rest in knowing my God is merciful and He is good. I recall Jonah’s lament about the Ninevites in chapter 4:2c “you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity.” But I also remember the Beaver’s answer to Lucy when she asks him if Aslan is safe

‘Course He isn’t safe. But He’s good. He’s the king, I tell you.


6 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #12 – Malachi 3:10

  1. the Lord sat as King of the flood, the Lord sits as King forever… this is a great comfort…
    I have found that ‘safe’ is not a condition so much in this world, as our position in Him, whatever our circumstances, Hell or High water, we “are” safe in Him.
    At this moment, I am still mulling over your post on Faith… I wrote long and hard about it then lost it in cyberspace… oh well…
    While i was in south Africa I met a young girl, 25, single mom to a 6 yr old son, Mario Immanuel (I love it). She is house keeping one day a week at my daughter’s home ( she earns 150 Rand, 50 of this goes to pay the three taxis she takes to get there), and because she has no other work for pay, she volunteers all week at the hospice where she lovingly bathes, feeds, and comforts the dieing. She also volunteers down the hall from the hospice at the daycare. Sunday, she goes with her son to a very supportive and loving church where she is refreshed and finds courage to go through another week. At school her son speaks Afrikans and because of church he knows 7 African languages. Nomusa never shares with these dear people that she has been abandoned by her mother, never knew her dad, and that the man she trusted to care for her, raped her and left her. For 300 Rand she rents a 8X8′ room, with no electricity, water or bathroom, goes two km for her 5 litres of rationed water/day for drinking, cleaning and cooking. She finished brilliantly in her grade 12 and dreams of becoming a lawyer. She lives every day by faith in a Loving God, gains courage to survive in her very dangerous existence. I am certain she has a garden of mustard seeds!
    My heart is crushed to see this precious daughter of our King, so alone in this world. We are hoping to settle her in at TLC with Thea Jarvis’ Large family, where she will have paid work in the nursery or in helping in the household. Her son will be safe; or my daughter will build on an extra room for her and her son to stay with them.
    I would love to raise funds for her university, even if it is a few courses at a time…
    She knows that her redeemer lives… she fully rests in Him…She is meek, gentle, brilliant, and so very courageous.
    I have come undone thinking about her… and her faith
    She has a powerful King and knows it…

  2. My Dear Susan,

    I am undone after reading this. I am going to church and there I will think about this more and pray for her and what it is concerning her that is mine. Nomusa and Mario Immanuel will be taken to the throne of grace by yet another voice.

    Going now (to talk with the Father and be with His people),

    PS I am so sorry to have lost your words through a cyber-error. I wonder why…

  3. Thank you for stopping by. I believe we are to praise through everything and we will reap blessings if we trust Him. I am just wondering lately about the return of the Lord. It seems to begin in Matthew with changes in the earth. I also am reminded by Susan that my struggles pale in light of most women’s troubles in the world.

    Today being the commemoration 10 years after the attacks on the World Trade Center underscores that. Muslim extremists attacking the American financial center was no mistake. They see us as gluttons in the world, living “high” by making others do without, our country’s sparse population consuming the world’s resources at lightening speed. Of course, the oppression our detractors offer their own people is not a good replacement and these are not people of compromise.

    I think we Christians need to separate ourselves from our cultural norms and really hear what Jesus would have us do. I can almost guarantee that if we are playing it safe, we are not hearing from God. Together we can make an impact and be safer doing it.

    Living each day with Jesus,

  4. This post spoke to me- especially: I think we Christians need to separate ourselves from our cultural norms and really hear what Jesus would have us do.

    I so agree!

    Hope I can get future posts by email.
    God Bless!

    • Dear Mary,

      Isn’t this just so necessary – separation of our cultural from the spiritual? I was in a really culturally mixed crowd studying Scripture once and I learned so much more than if I’d have been with people who thought about things the same way I did. It amazed me! I also spoke to several groups outside my culture and what they heard me say was so unusual. Light flooded my soul in the presence of those unlike myself, but loving the same Jesus.

      I am so glad you passed by and please let me know if you are not getting e-mails from this site like you would like to. I really look forward to your contributions to the discussions we have here.


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