Socks: A Sign of Autumn

This morning when I walked my dogs it was 40 degrees. I had a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt and jacket on. I could see my breath as I walked and as I shouted my memory verses from Colossians 3.  Ah, how the Creator has placed within the seasons the heralds announcing their arrival. Autumn bursts color, mists the air, whips up the wind and turns the sun to “simmer”. The sensors in the human body then reach for the thermal underwear, the sweaters, the jackets, the caps and the socks. When the socks come out (with or without the Birkenstocks), we know we have arrived at the threshhold.

In three separate venues I heard about socks. Two were from those in the helping professions here in my city who were making a Call for Socks. The local shelters need them for patrons. The Red Cross needs them for victums of the recent flooding here in PA.  Lastly, Ann Voskamp’s blog mentioned how she had gotten the socks down from storage for her family.She always has such interesting photos of people’s feet! They have gone from barefooted to stocking-clad this past month.

I know, for myself, if my feet are cold, I simply cannot get warm. I have resorted to going to bed with socks some nights in the dead of winter and even then the “little piggies” cannot seem to get comfortable. My husband’s feet sweat so I  have to invest in a sweat-absorbing wool sock that does not make his feet and ankles itch. That was quite a feat (no pun intended), but once we found a suitable brand we bought lots of them for fear we would not be able to find them again. This makes me think of the verse in I Corinthians 12:18 But as it is, God arranged the members in the body, each one of them, as he chose. So the feet have a purpose in the physical body which reminds me that I have a purpose in the body of Christ and that He calls me today to live out that purpose. Perhaps part of my purpose today was reminding everyone that there are cold feet out there.

Have a blessed weekend in the Lord,



6 comments on “Socks: A Sign of Autumn

  1. OK Dawn, I read the last line and the lights start flashing and I hear “Ding, ding, ding . . . pay atttention! Cold feet . . . more than one meaning here. Yes, there is a very real need for many to have warm socks, warm clothing as the summer fades into fall. I bless all those tender-hearted givers who do what they can to help out.

    But in my spirit I see those who hesitate to launch out into the things God has called them to, what He’s fashioned them for since the dawn of time. Whether through fear of failure, past dissapointments, lack of support, finances . . . whatever the reason, they’ve developed ‘cold feet’. Praying that all the hesitant ones would find the courage to take the leap of faith today.

    This is what The Art of Life is all about for me. “Every happening great or small is a parable by which God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.” Don’t you just love how He nudges you to post something that sparks all kinds of thoughts and responses in your readers, things that you never thought of, that inspire you to follow the clues to some new treasure. Oh, how we need each other to spur us on to love and good works.

    So enjoy walking with you,
    Andrea Dawn

  2. Dawn, I smiled as I read this!!! It seems that we go though seasons in life with socks, then no socks, then socks again — and back and forth. I can remember the little frilly socks as a small child. Then, the “bobby socks” in the saddle shoes. Then, NO socks as a teenager —- we wore stockings in our tennis shoes. Socks in the ice skates, NO socks to church. Didn’t matter if our feet were feezing or not. Then, the crazy checkered knee socks. Then NO socks again. Now, it’s coordinating socks with the tennis shoes. For me, it’s a drawer full of socks! Chemo did something to my feet, and they always feel half numb and very cold. Socks don’t help, but I feel I’m doing something, at least. It’s hard for me to believe you are that chilly already. I was dying of the heat bringing in my groceries!!!!! I think it was mid 90’s, and of course, I went at the hottest part of the day. But the leaves on my sycamore tree are turning a little bronzy in color —- they just know fall is coming. Keep on walking, Dawn, and keep it up with the Colossians thing!!!!

    • Oh my goodness Cora,

      I have often thought how uncomfortable we women sometimes are for the sake of beauty. Your example of no socks as a teenagers was priceless! (The great need to look cool, yes, I’ve been there.) Now, because of the great perpondrance of varicosities, I am bound to support stockings. There is just no way the can be paired with my Sunday best. I wore knee high boots this morning to cover them. You talked of your legs being half numb and very cold. I know that feeling well. With the lateral herniation of my lumbar discs, I feel that numbness and frigidity of foot after a long day of standing or sitting. It’s neuropathy. I will put some warm water in the tub or a pan of water and soak my feet warm and then quickly try to encase them in wonderful wool socks. Ahhhh, sweet relief!

      I do so appreciate your sharing your experiences in chemo. It’s a world with which I am not very familiar,
      May the Lord bless you and keep you,

  3. Socks socks… how I LOVE socks… if my feet are happy then all of me follows suit. Right now, by the way, I have an old broken toe deciding to humble me, perhaps to remind me to pray for my foster daughter who just had toe surgery and is in real pain. But socks, back to socks, I even wore them to bed in Africa; being winter there while we had summer here. I hear you Dawn, about finding the right sock… that is one of the most important stocking stuffers in our family. We all have a particular liking because of a particular need and there is nothing so lovely on a Christmas morning than hearing all the ooos and aaaas as people try on their ‘new’ socks. Such a small pleasure that can make one feel good all over!
    Reminds me about the little blessings we can be for people wherever we may be; our little helps and encouragements can feel as cozy socks on a cold Autumn day or on a Christmas morning. It is wonderful to pass on to my friends an encouraging blog form one of you dear people and then hear my friends that read it press like and I can hear their oooos and aaas at the blessing these small gifts bring. Thank you friends for being a channel for the “One” who alone is worthy ❤

    • Dear Susan,

      This is SUCH a neat idea: exchanging socks at Christmas. I don’t quite know if this is what you meant or not, but I’m taking the idea as a sock exchange. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! And I say “Amen” to the fellowship in this space all around the Son who makes us shine so fair.

      Blessed be the Lamb,

  4. from Wikipedia…Take a look… are they as fancy as yours?
    The earliest known surviving pair of socks on display in the V&A museum. Dating from 300-500AD these were excavated from Oxyrhynchus on the Nile in Egypt. The split toes were designed for use with sandals. Museum ref 2085&A-1900.

    Blessed are the feet that bring Good News! I wonder if that is what these feet were doing so long ago…

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