Scripture and a Snapshot #13 – Psalms 1:1-3

Nature framed this pond for me to give me a visual in which to place His holy words. I was riding bikes with my friend, Ann, and she said, “Dawn, look at that-a perfect frame for the pond picture.” Indeed it was. Enjoy! From the Creator, through the eyes of Ann, captured by my camera and then attached to Scripture for you, my dear Friends. God bless you!


Ann and Dawn with bikes

9 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #13 – Psalms 1:1-3

  1. Such a beautiful picture, Dawn! And the Psalm is a beautiful one, too. It’s just chuck full of visuals, isn’t it? I love the thought of being like a tree by the rivers of water!!!! One time I lived where my backyard sloped down towards a lake, and sometimes, if we got a lot of rain, it would get a little mushy down there. I planted a weeping willow there, and it grew into the most perfect of trees. I always loved that tree, and often thought of this Psalm. (and it took care of the water problem, too!)
    Looks like you have a beautiful place to ride those bikes!!!!!

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      Would a bike be good exercise for you with your knee? That repetitive knee action may not be the best, but, at least, you’d not be bearing all your body weight.

      Come ride with me,

  2. A favourite Chapter! I also love the bicycles… put a blue one next to those two and that would be the one with me on it!
    Water under control is such a peacemaker… it draws life of all kinds to its shores and next to it springs up life… God’s Word in control of my whole being should bring forth such rest and solace..
    I shall put my trust in Him for He alone is Worthy …
    Blessings to all you dear friends who put your hope in Him. I find comfort in your fellowship.

    • Dear Susan,

      Someday we may all ride together in glory. I surely hope there are bikes in heaven. I really love the pace of a bike–not too fast, not too slow! Sometimes I think heaven might be like e-mail, all things going at lightening speed so we won’t age. I would miss the ride from the perspective I now have. I’m so glad He is in charge!

      By the way, I LOVED the museum socks, only you, Dear Susan, only you,
      God’s grace for every need,

  3. Dear June,

    Thanks for stopping by, Dear Lady! I have a big bike trip to the pond scheduled with my grandkids this Saturday. I have the day off work and I have bikes for all. It is 8 miles round trip. We polywog catch, flower press, snack and play on playground equipment along the way so the little legs don’t tire too much. Grandkids are 11, 6 and 4—lots of energy there! The 4-year-old rides tandem with me. I hope my varicose veins hold up under the support hose (I’m not kidding!)

    By His grace,

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