Jesus our hope

Inside the disaster trailer. It is huge!

I spent the day at the big Red Cross trailer parked beside the Fairlawn Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. I was there to hand out supplies to people who have lost almost everything in the ravaging floods we had here last week. As the people came to the trailer I could see this look on their faces.They would come up to the trailer and see all the supplies and wonder, “Are you really going to give me some of these things?” Most of these people have never been in a receiving line. Most are rural middle-class working families who have always earned their own way, always paid their own way and, in many cases, paid the ways of many others around them. They cared for their children within the family. They cared for their elderly parents themselves, always made sure the local food pantry was stocked, volunteered their time to make sure the community was safe, and gave of their time and talent to run children’s programs for the good of all. Everything centered on their family life and all they worked for was in their homes and communities. In one fell swoop a raging river washed it all away. Some lost family businesses as well as homes. They come to us in shock, in mourning, hearts broken, confidence shaken and so embarrassed that they have to depend on others.

Barb in her "makeshift" office by the Red Cross trailer

Barb is our leader. She tells us to make everyone feel like they can take whatever they need. We know our neighbors. They will not take more than they will use. That is why I think the churches should be doing disaster relief not the government. This exchange of resources is occurring between neighbors. Everyone who comes is known and loved. Here is a copy of Barb’s worker schedule.You see the word LOVE there by her pen. Every time she checks her schedule, she is reminded to remind us that we are here to love our neighbors. Loving is seen everywhere around the trailer. The men came to build steps so the people could enter the trailer to pick what they felt they needed themselves. The men also hauled thousands

A pickup truck load of "stuff" for inside the trailer

of pounds of supplies and handed them up to us women in the trailer. Without their gifts, we women would have had a much more difficult task. While we on the west end of the city do this, Faith United Methodist Church in an eastern suburb is coordinating and sending out work teams to provide manpower to those who need it. A nurse I work with at the hospital is on the list to get help. A woman in a wheelchair is receiving help and elderly people with no heat are priorities.

When I think of the Red Cross sign on the trailer I smile because we are here because the blood of Jesus made a cross red long ago for each of us. We love because He first loved us. Our love is bringing hope to our community today. I am posting this in the wee hours of the morning this Walk with Him Wednesday because I’ll be out at the trailer the rest of the day. Please pray the people can feel the arms of Jesus as they come.

All is grace,



4 comments on “Jesus our hope

  1. All is grace… all your help, your heart, your attitude… I love coming to visit here and know I will always be blessed!
    My days are so busy processing the abundant harvest God graciously grew while I was away…I fall into bed with such abandon once night falls. I keep all the flood victims in my heart of prayers…all night.

  2. Dear Susan,

    I awake to these words in your comment “I keep all the flood victims in my heart of prayers…all night.” How precious! What a gift to us! Thank you!

    Much love,

  3. First, let me tell you that I love the lively, bright, new look of your blog, Dawn. It drew me right in today. Well done, my friend!

    I must say, I often think (and pray) of these precious people who have lost everything! Those of us who are not “there” tend to lose the horror feelings as the news goes on to other things. But deep inside of my soul, I wonder at how one move on. . . and to where????? Hope has such strength, miraculous in its height and breadth, and it reaches high, no matter how deep the hole! It’s hands like yours, Dawn, that strengthen hope, that moves that one if only one more step, and makes those of us who see it grow in faith and determination because we know it makes a difference. Thank you for your example of what Christlikeness looks like and for being a beacon of hope in the midst of very wet, muddy, devastated dreams!!!!

    • Dear Cora,

      Thanks for your “thumbs up” on my blog. I was really nervous that maybe my links would be lost and I’d lose my friends, but that did not happen. At least, I don’t think so. I wanted the transparent center like I’ve seen on others’ pages from time to time. I loved the blue and green, but most of all I liked the white font that brightens it up.

      It was good that I went out into the streets today. It was worse than I imagined. Once I got the mud on my shoes and jeans and saw the rot, mold and pieces of lives strewn everywhere, I could SEE. The people needed to talk and their animals needed to snuggle. I wanted to have an audience with those who told the people they had to wait for a home inspection in order to receive reimbursement. There they sat in muck, mustiness and mayhem…minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. I wanted to tell them to come to a nice shelter, but they are all full. i pray.

      Thanks for “being with” me, Susan and Danelle at the throne of grace, Cora. God bless you,

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