Scripture and a Snapshot #14 – Exodus 3:5

My granddaughter, Jessica, and I were taking a bike hike and she and I went down to the river off the bike trail. She immediately took off her sandels and began to wade. I snapped this picture because I thought it was so cute–her girly pink sandels in the wet sand. I was going through my pictures and when I saw this I thought of this verse so I paired them, but then I thought, “Perhaps this is not fitting because this verse refers to Moses at the burning bush and these are the sandels of a 10-year-old playing in the sand.” I puzzled over this awhile and I came to this conclusion. Why am I even thinking this is inappropriate? God may call my 10-year-old granddaughter to take of her sandels. He has a calling for each and every one of us. I put the text in pink to emphasize that fact. This pairing was a good lesson for me this week . Thank you, Katie, for our Scripture and a Snapshot community.

Worshiping the Lord,


Jessica on bike


16 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #14 – Exodus 3:5

  1. I just love the pink sandals, Dawn! Such a perfect example of this Scripture passage. I had to scroll back up and look at the reference. My pastor is doing an in depth study on the Book of Joshua, and we were in chapter 5 this past week. At the end of the chapter, after Joshua had followed all that God had asked him to do, The Lord appeared to him and said these same words to Joshua. It was a time when God Himself set His stamp of approval and reaffirmed Joshua as the new leader who was taking the place of Moses. My mind worked overtime when got home, and I couldn’t get the sandals out of my mind. I wondered if there was any significance there with removing his sandals, as up to this point, the children of Isreal had worn the same shoes and they had not worn out in the desert. Was this the end of endless shoes?????

    • Dear Cora,

      I love how you were studying some of the same words I was using here. Isn’t God good to link us together to think about shoes! Your idea of the end of endless shoes is very thought-provoking. I know mine wear out, don’t yours?

      Smiling here,

  2. I love this, Dawn . . . and I have learned not to second guess the scriptures that come to mind when I go through my photos. Sometimes it’s the other way around too . . . I will see something and think of a scripture and then take the picture.

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      You know, I should be beyond the second guessing phase, but I am not. I still lay fleece out like a scared Gideon, too. May 2012 by my year of _______? What word would be best for someone who should no longer need to be told things twice. I must think on this one.


      • Dawn,

        I see nothing wrong with having to be told twice! Sometimes, hearing something a second time gives us a chance to develop greater insight than we would have, had we heard it only once. I think that the Lord gives us those opportunities because He loves us so much and wants us to “dig deeper”.

        May 2012 be our year of greater insight!

        Love you!

  3. Dear Karen,

    Thanks for stopping by to look at the picture and then going to my “Me” page to see who had snapped the picture. You blessed me at the end of my day, Sister.

    May the Lord bless you as we enter His day of rest,

  4. What a fantastic fit!! I absolutely love everything about this capture, verse, and post! I totally think it is a perfect fit! Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless.

    • Dear Stefanie,

      Taking shoes off has a slightly negative connotation in my mind for a personal reason. I really appreciate your comment that made me see it differently, as an act of respect for the holiness of God.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment,

  5. Girly sandals, bedroom slippers, running shoes…He’s calling all of us, in every aspect of life , to come into His presence and walk in holiness. I love this verse and picture.

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