Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Week 2

The Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts this week were:

 Inspired by a Book or Movie



 Coffee or Tea


Inspired by a book or movie

Movie poster of "A TIme to Kill"

Ever since I saw this movie, I have been captivated by the questions it asks each of us to answer. What would you do if a person brutally raped your child? If you were on the jury of a person who killed the person who brutally raped your child, would you find that person guilty of murder? If you were defending an unpopular person whom you thought deserved the right to a fair trial and popular opinion was placing your family in danger, would you persist? Would it make a difference if the perpetrator and victim were different races? Would it have changed your opinion of the lawyer in the movie if he’d have had an affair with the assistant? This poster has hung on the back of many doors in my life for as long as I have had it to remind me to think, to love mercy, but not forget justice. Right now it hangs on my bedroom door.


Muddy brown river after rain

After a hard rain all day today, I went to a friend’s house to get something from her and I had to drive along this river. It struck me how brown it was. When I tell you it rained all day I mean it really rained. The hazy picture below was taken earlier that same day as my DH and I were driving in that rain.


Driving in a downpour

Coffee or tea

Our waitress makes a fresh pot of decaf for us

We stopped off at our favorite delicatessen to get a sandwich and a cup of coffee before heading to our friend’s house. Little did I know that I would be able to get this great picture of 8-month-pregnant Gina, our waitress, trying to get the lid off the coffee pot to make us a fresh pot of coffee. What a great shot for coffee or tea! Thank you, Gina! At long last we got our errands done and headed home. Our ever-vigilant pup, Mick, was on his perch in the sunroom waiting for us to return. A picture of him at his “post” is the photo for linger for he would literally stay there for as long as it would take for us to return.


I"ll be right here waiting for you.

May your week be joyous, beautiful and full of surprises,



8 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Week 2

  1. Dear Dawn . . . I had so much fun doing this, so happy to join you in the adventure. I love the hazy picture and the coffee one two . . . I love the expression on Gina’s face and her wonderful round belly. What a faithful friend your little Mick is.
    One of the things I like the most about this photo challenge is the explanations of how people chose the shot for each prompt . . . you get some insight into them as people, like your “A Time to Kill” poster.
    Blessings as you begin a new week,
    Andrea Dawn

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, I just adore the quote you left me. I suppose I do live my days well, but it’s so hard to see that sometimes when I’m in the trenches of everyone wanting a piece of mom all the time… *sigh* Thanks for the gentle reminder! Also fun to come here and see that you’re a fan of Ann V. I just started my count to 1000 a week ago. 🙂

    Yes, that round belly, the look of determination on her face, and the pencil stuck up in her hair! Real life and I love it! Your “Hazy” photo is wonderful too!

    • Dear Jess,

      Thanks for making my waitress picture so much bigger for me–your attention to detail in the description is so great! Also, I want to say, “Welcome aboard in starting your gratitude list! It changed my life!”


    • Ashley,

      Thanks for dropping by. I don’t know how you get to all of us. This scavenger hunt creation of yours is a big HIT! Thanks for bringing us together. It’s fun to take pictures, but to do it in community around a few prompts and then sharing is a real party!


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