Shivering and thankful

My one eye opened at about 6:30 AM this morning. I went to bed about 2:30 AM after working the evening shift at the hospital. Well, 4 hours wasn’t a whole lot of sleep so I decided to curl up in my nice warm quilt and warm throw blanket with all my grandchildren’s names on it that my daughter-in-law, Stephanie, made me. That eye didn’t open again until 8:30 AM. At that time, my two dogs sleeping beside me were ready to get up. I had to use the bathroom so they went out when I opened the bedroom door. DH was downstairs to let them out in the yard so I went back to bed “for a minute”. Twenty minutes later I opened both eyes simultaneously and trudged downstairs. DH had our usual breakfast ready, had medicated the arthritic dog and had hand fed our hospice pup.

This morning I am thankful

#292  for cool fall temperatures that make for heavenly sleep.

#293  for a clean, warm bed with handmade quilts and blankets to snuggle down deep.

#294 for a safe house with an inside toilet.

#295 for canine friends who keep watch over me through the night.

#296 for work that pays well so that I don’t have to work many hours to meet my needs.

#297 for my dear husband (DH) who takes care of me and the pups.

#298 for early morning devotions and prayer that center our souls.

#299 for second son who tells us, in the middle of a 9-day business trip, he drove 90 miles to attend Saddleback Church and received a copy of Dave Ramsey’s new book as a first-time visitor.

#300 for brother-in-law following Dave Ramsey’s financial advice on the example of second son and completing the first steps in the process, a big change for his family.

DH and brother

#301 for quiet time alone to type down my gratitude list.

#302 for hot water to shower and a machine that washes my clothes so I have time to type.

#303 for Sandy, a determined and consistent Colossians memorization partner this whole year. We said our verses from chapter 3 to one another in church yesterday.

#304 for the bread dipped red and taken yesterday with saints around the world in Holy Communion with the Lord Jesus.

#305 for so many opportunities to witness to people because of the flooding here in our state.

Walking with the multitudes in gratitude this Monday,



9 comments on “Shivering and thankful

  1. hullo, gratitude neighbor. so wonderful to read His gifts to you this day (:

    Financial Peace is how i learned to budget, such wisdom. and such freedom in (almost) no debt (there is the mortgage….)

    canines to love and be loved, a special joy…. and DH and DF (dear friends), how His blessings abound!

    as she says: All’s Grace,

  2. Dear Dawn . . . yes, the bread dipped red and all it represents. And the amenities that we enjoy in North America, indoor plumbing, showers and washing machines . . . so thankful for these. Love the quilt!
    Hugs, Andrea Dawn

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      Amish women in the heart of Belize, Central America made my quilt and the pillow shams that go with it. I think of them whenever I use it. They were so good at sharing their lives with my students in a cross cultural course I lead down there.

      Oh the memories I have of when I was young,

  3. I also love the dogs on the quilts, Dawn … your lovely guard dogs 🙂
    Across from Psalm 34 being freed from you fears, and being of radiant joy is…the worthy wife…Proverbs 12:4
    blessings to you as you catch up on a very needed rest…

    • Dear Susan,

      You would appreciate my dogs. They really don’t look like guard material here, but they can transform in an instant! My husband loves when Mickey lays behind his knee. He says it’s just like he’s a warm compress there and it is so soothing.
      I am praying for release from the hospital and I know it is coming. Tomorrow I am going to sleuth out the cost of DH’s cancer treatments if I pay cash.

      Please pray for wisdom as I move ahead,

    • Dear Liz,

      How wonderful it was to come to my blog and see you had left a comment and what a nice one it was. Knowing you and I communed together thousands of miles apart did bring a smile across this sad face. I’m always really really beat on Tuesday after working 4 days in a row and this really picked me up.

      Love across the miles,

  4. how did it go sleuthing out those paid by cash cancer treatments? Praying for you all… I am so glad Mickey knows the joy a head on a knee(shoulder) and what it means to a person… blessings to your husband from us… may God send his marvelous healing and give strength also to his mortal body….

  5. Dear Susan,

    No one giving the care knows the finances so I’d have to make a separate excursion for that. I would imagine a treatment would run about $1000.00 and if we could get Russ down to two treatments a year it would be doable. The problem is the $800.00 per month hormone treatments. I haven’t investigated that at all. Thanks for continuing to “be with” me on these issues. He was having bone spur problems and we prayed together about those. They have stopped–for which we rejoice. The red blood cells and platelets aren’t being as obedient….

    Hospice dog ate two hamburgers today! We are so happy!

    Rejoicing in life’s simple pleasures,

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