Scripture and a Snapshot #16 – Revelation 22:5

When my brother-in-law, David, died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 44, I sang the song “No Night There” at his funeral. I think that is the last time I played my guitar and sang publicly. I put my guitar under my bed and never played it again. That was 10 years ago. What a sad time to put my music away, and what a wonderful message in that song. Why did I no longer want to sing such healing words? It was not a deliberate choice not to sing. It’s just that I didn’t feel much like singing. Isn’t that what happens when we yield to the devil–he’ll get us to lay down the one thing that would bring joy in sadness, the healing words that would have flowed so easily if I would have but sung them.

A woman came up to me in church on Sunday and asked if I would sing with her Christmas Eve. I said “yes” so immediately that she didn’t think I heard her correctly and asked me again. I said, “Yes, Mary, I will sing with you.” and so.we.are…going to sing! We don’t know what we’re going to sing. I have some ideas, but do any of you have a suggestion? This is such a special time, Christmas. What should we sing to the Savior?

Centennial United Methodist Church

Thinking of the Light of All Worlds,



14 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #16 – Revelation 22:5

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  1. Dear Susan and Andrea Dawn:

    I spent time with both your songs tonight. I knew them both, but didn’t REALLY know them. I am so happy you suggested them. I’ll let you know what we decide, but I want you both to know I had a great time of worship around them.

    Good-night, dear ladies,

  2. I love that song, No Night There, so very much and haven’t heard it in years and years. I would have loved to hear you sing that, Dawn. I just love it that you said yes to singing again. It brought up some emotions within myself, and I wonder if I might again do the things I’ve set aside for so long now. We do go through times of sorrow, sometimes deep and long —-

    The Time Of Sorrow

    The time of Sorrow
    Has it come today?
    Has it entered uninvited,
    Settled in, it seems, to stay
    . . . Forever?

    ‘Tis not a gift, you know,
    It is not yours to keep;
    But lent to you just for a while,
    And though it seems to rob your smile,
    You will not always weep. . .

    For your sorrow is not your own.

    Lent to you just for a little while,
    Use it . . . Be not angry or ashamed
    That He should think ‘tis sorrow that you need.
    One day, when all it’s purposes are through,
    And there’s no further work that it can do,
    It will be taken. . .even as you plead.

    Taken, for ‘twas only lent to you,
    To bind you closer than you ever knew,
    Closer to the One who feels it all,
    Touched by all your heartaches. . . Large or small.

    So let sorrow do its work and bide its time,
    For someday soon again the sun will shine.
    And when it does, I think that you will see,
    That sorrow was a friend, if that can be.

    You are changing — changing still today,
    For you have grown more tender on the way.
    And when sorrow comes and takes another’s hand,
    Your softened heart will cry, “I understand!”
    –Cora Eelman

    The gift of sorrow. I’m sure your song will be sweeter and more lovely than ever because it will come from a heart that been through so very much! I’m so glad I have gotten to know you, Dawn. You have surely enriched my life!!!!

    • Cora this is indeed an amazing poem and like Dawn I can imagine it as some song… or great hymn… You must have come by sorrow as a dear friend to have penned this so adeptly!
      hugs and more hugs to you

  3. Dear Cora,

    How does one even have words for such a wonderful masterpiece? Your poem could have been written by the 4th president of Moody Bible Institute, but you placed yourself in His hand and all these words came-words needed to bring life to feelings. I wonder, could there be music somewhere to fit its phrases cadence and become a healing balm for many. I will think on this.

    The feeling of enrichment is mutual. I think I have the better part of the relationship. You touch me every time to the core of my being.

    Love you,

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