Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Week 3

The prompts for this week’s scavenger hunt were:

#1 landscape

#2 complementary/triadic color

#3 black and white

#4 food

#5 blank space

If you’d like to join in the fun simply go to and check out the rules. Everyone can play and, if you do play, you WILL have fun!

1. Landscape

My first photograph is for the category landscape. I took this photo standing in the doorway of my church. What I really wanted to capture in the photo were the rain droplets lining the edge of the church’s porch roof. They looked like little LED lights. Across the street from the church is woodland all ablaze with the changing colors of the leaves. Here is landscape.

2. Complementary/Triadic Color

I was so thrilled when I saw the triadic of complementary colors on this building. It wasn’t until I took a closer look, however, that I noticed the same complementary triadic in the cars parked out in front of the building. I got a double whammy here, my fellow scavenger hunters! Two points, yes!

3. Black and White

Last week over at Scripture and a Snapshot  ( I posted this picture. It is a great black and white picture that was really not taken as a black and white picture. With all the shadows and the distance only black and shades of gray shown forth. I hope you like it.

4. Food

What can I say? I had peppermints in my car console and I thought they looked pretty. They brighten the space of the all-brown garage door opener, coin purse, gold watch and black flashlight that reside there. So here’s to the category dubbed “food”.

5. Blank Space

Believe it or not, this was the easiest category for me this week. I have been typing on a computer at work that is missing the key which contains the ^ and the 6 on the computer’s keyboard. It has been driving me crazy to have to get a pencil and stick down into the hole now that the key is not there to get a number 6 every time I need one. That blank space is a real irritant. Since I am a weekender, I have no access to maintenance and no one Monday through Friday bothers to call Institutional Technology. Therefore the blank space continues…

Oh my goodness, how fun was that! You really must get a camera and go clicking after next week’s 5 prompts if you haven’t already joined this fun community. There are several members’ pictures I am really waiting to see. It’s like a fever, you just have to get the next clue AND be creative about it!

With my fellow shutterbugs on Scavenger Hunt Sunday,



11 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Week 3

  1. Dear Dawn . . . I have been waiting rather impatiently all day for your post, checking back countless times to see if you had posted yet. Were you working? I think I have noticed you saying you work Friday to Monday, right?

    You make me smile! Your enthusiasm for the scavenger hunt is priceless. Your complementary/triadic shot definitely gets 2 points. That is so cool! Very creative with the blank space . . . that would be very frustrating. Is there not a numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard? Good job getting the rain droplets in your landscape shot.

    Looking forward to this next week’s quest,
    Andrea Dawn

      • Dear Andrea Dawn,

        If you and I lived in the same town we’d run the place (as servants of the Almighty, of course). I think I’ve met my match in determination knowing you. Where are your pictures for this week? Did you post them? I must admit I have not been on the computer much the past 3 days–just long enough to post and check out your two sites.

        Come tomorrow I will be back in the swing of cyberspace. I am trying to apply for a couple of jobs. That’s keeping me very busy, especially with the electronic submissions. That’s new to me.

        Now about that blank space…it never occurred to me that I had another 6 on the key pad. Da! Thanks for mentioning that.

        Love you,

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun! I have only spare moments to click and look in between peeling apples, cutting cabbage for sauerkraut, planting strawberry plants and raspberry canes, digging root crops before the snow hits (maybe Friday), herding goats while I remake their fences, la de da… then milking and cheesemaking and cut and wrapping a yearling calf….along with the usual teaching I do…But oh this looks like fun and I am inspired to join you all soon….It will take me a while to figure it all out, but figure it out I will… then there is the thing of a new camera as mine has taken to deep sea diving 🙂 Life is such a miracle and all the things one can find to do that give so much joy. Love meeting with you all in these remarkable scavenger hunts!
    I do love your squirrel… there is one outside my kitchen window that is quite my friend! As it is apple time he is putting them all around the branches of the evergreens to dry before he stores them!

    • Dear Susan,

      I would not trade a moment in the garden, in the kitchen, with the goats, with the milking, with the cheesemaking…for this scavenger hunt. It CAN wait until winter and for a new camera.

      So squirrels dry their apples before storing them? Who knew?

      I love you, Susan,

  3. You are so right! This is a great way to improve photography skills. Too bad this week I was forced either to skip or include couple old ones. I chose the latter option, this is just so much fun!

    • Dear Eeva,

      The color wheel is great new learning for me. It takes me out of the linear world into the aesthetic and artistic which is a vacation for me since I am neither in everyday life!

      Thanks for coming by,

    • Ashley,

      You are an awesome networker and site leader. I LOVE how you have the next week’s prompts right there to grab when we link up from the last week. It is such effortless prep for each of us. I think heaven will be like this, having fun around the throne!


  4. I need to get my camera out more often and learn how to use it! I just loved this, Dawn, especially the keyboard!!! My keyboard is losing it’s letters, too. Sorry I haven’t been around — just catching up with everyone’s posts today. You did a great job with the scavanger hunt! I can remember as kids getting a list of stuff to find. It was so much fun.

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